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Privacy & Policy

Trademarksindia highly concern the privacy of its clients, registered users and other business associates while dealing with the same legal services in all area of practices. We know the importance of business data and corporate legal issues that is always being on the high priority. On the basis of privacy and policy hereby we save all the data and facts under our server that can only be retrieved by the request make by its owner. The same data is not allowed to share with any third party and also do not use for any of the marketing tool.

Under the privacy policy we also declare that all the content of our website is unique and copyright where in case of any copy or maltreat will make us to go for any legal action against the illicit party. Similarly, we do not allow our web content to be used for any of the marketing tool on finding which will make used to take legal action against the same.

Here under online world; we offer online legal services where any user or online visitors can contact us and send us his or her legal issue through the email id and where our legal team will respond with the worthy solution. Users can also make their matter through the telephonic mode where our legal professional will revert with worthy.

Users and online visitors will read and follow our website services at their own risk on occurs any loss or damage to business will not make us under any of the liability for the same loss. If in case our team incapable to complete the project due to any reason or severe factor then in that case we do not held under any liability.

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