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Trademark Registration in Amritsar and Jalandhar

Amritsar and Jalandhar, these two fast-progressing and internationally prominent cities of prosperous Punjab have been reaping lavish and huge harvest of our top-notch legal services for diverse categories of intellectual property, essentially including trademarks for nearly a decade. Here, informed only are our services for swift and superb trademark registration in amritsar and jalandhar for all economic fields.

Well-established in Delhi, our ornate IPR law firm has earned international commendations from foreign entities in various economic fields, especially for doing secure and lucrative business/service in India, in addition to establishing itself as a hugely popular and reliable IPR law firm of India amid Indian entrepreneurs and entities in all economic sectors. For each major segment of intellectual property, our well-seasoned and innovative lawyers deliver the full-range of legal services.

Trademark Registration in Amritsar/Jalandhar

How to Register a Trademark in Amritsar and Jalandhar as per New TM Rules 2017?

Any entrepreneur or company located in Amritsar or Jalandhar has to get the following tasks done for registering a new trademark/service mark as per the new Indian trademarks rules 2017:

  • Creation of a new and distinctive trademark/service-mark, and selecting the perfect trademark class or classes for registration thereunder.
  • Ascertaining uniqueness and ready registrability of the trademark/service-mark through trademark search across Indian trademark databases. Our prestigious IPR law firm of India offers the service of free trademark search for help and benefit to its clients.
  • Performing flawless trademark application filing online (through Form TM-A) with the trademark registry office of New Delhi.
  • Now, an applicant is also facilitated to file a request through Form TM-M for getting a fast-track processing of his application for trademark registration, if need be.
  • And, handling tasks like satisfying the trademark examiner/registration regarding registrability of the filed trademark/service-mark, likely trademark opposition if any, and then well-informed trademark prosecution for the desired and perfect registration of the mark.

Brand Name and Logo Registration for your Company, Products/Goods and Services in Amritsar and Jalandhar

Today, for quick and best brand name and logo registration in amritsar and jalandhar punjab, our IPR law firm of Delhi is hugely famous and popular, owing to its flawless, efficient, and matchless legal services. Besides the registration of trademarks and service-marks, people and entities located in these historic and industrially thriving cities, may also avail our expert and lavish legal services for other processes related with these.

People, companies/industries situated in Amritsar may avail our trademark registration services for doing business/service in its economic fields of agricultural goods and products, carpets and fabrics, light engineering and manufacturing, handicrafts, tourism and hospitality, information technology, and many other emerging fields. On the other hand, entrepreneurs and entities located in Jalandhar may receive our trademark registration services in the fields of sports and sporting equipments, furniture items, glass and glass products, and many other economic fields.

Concerned entrepreneurs/entities of Amritsar and Jalandhar may readily ring over: +91-8800-100-281; or forward their pertinent queries or problems at: for receiving perfect and promptest legal services for trademarks or other IP.