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Trademark Registration in Kolkata West Bengal

Kolkata, the main commercial and financial hub in the east and north-east India, has been utilizing our impeccable and innovative IPR services for economic growth, for past many years. For the category of trademarks, the most popular of our legal services has been the service for trademark registration in kolkata for all its economic fields.

Prestigious IPR law firm of ours is well-based in Delhi, and has been internationally famous for its top-notch and efficient legal services to Indian and foreign entrepreneurs and entities engaged in various economic fields. All principal and most popular categories of intellectual property have been adeptly served by our well-informed and innovative lawyers, essentially including the category of trademarks and service-marks. Besides registrations of trademarks and service-marks, other legal services under this category are the following ----tm renewal services, prosecution services for all desired aims, trademark opposition services, trademark infringement litigations, watch and monitoring services for trademark protection, and hiring and acquisition of registered trademarks and service-marks.

Trademark Registration in Kolkata West Bengal

How to Register a Trademark in Kolkata as per New TM Rules 2017?

For trademark application filing in kolkata for doing business/service in any economic field at the national level, and as per the new trademark rules 2017, an applicant of Kolkata has to undergo the following processes:

  • Conceptualizing and designing an entirely different trademark/service-mark, and selection the trademark class appropriately suitable for the mark (as per Nice classification of goods and services).
  • Checking and verifying indubitable uniqueness of the mark through trademark search at national level in India. We provide free trademark search to old and new clients.
  • Making flawless trademark application filing through new Form TM-A with the zonal trademark registry office of Kolkata, located at Sector V, Salt Lake City.
  • Request for fast-track processing of the application for registration, may now (after promulgation of the new trademarks rules 2017) be made through the Form TM-M.
  • Other likely tasks are satisfying the registrar regarding registrability of the filed mark, opposing and tackling any trademark opposition, and prosecution for flawless registration.

Brand Name and Logo Registration for your Company, Products, Goods and Services in Kolkata West Bengal

Businessmen/professionals, industrialists, and entities located in this principal commercial, financial, and educational center of East India, are well-facilitated by our reputed and reliable IPR law firm for fast and finest registration of their new trademarks and service-marks in the economic fields mentioned below. Today, our firm is one of the best and trustworthy law firm for swift and superb brand name and logo registration for your company, products/goods and services, in entire India.

The following economic fields of Kolkata have been covered by our trademark registration service ---- Information technology and ITES; retail; real estate; tourism and hospitality; agricultural goods and products; light to heavy engineering; mining and minerals; textiles and jute items; pharmaceuticals; food processing; electronics; cement; and many other fields of the services and manufacturing sectors.

To avail our swift and superlative service for trademark registration, percipient entrepreneurs /entities well-based in Kolkata may swiftly call at: +91-8800-100-281; or send their relevant queries or earnest requests to: .