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Trademark Registration in Meerut

Nationwide and internationally famous for its many industrial goods and products, Meerut has been harnessing our top-notch IPR services for around a decade, for giving strong boost to its fast-paced industrial sector. Our efficient and expert services for trademark registration in meerut have served the bulk of its industrial and manufacturing fields so far.

One of the most popular and leading IPR law firms of NCR and India, our Delhi-based IPR law firm offers impeccable and innovative services for all major and most popular segments of intellectual property to Indian and international people and entities. Bold and innovative entrepreneurs and industries of Meerut, which is one of the major and fast-progressing industrial cities of western Uttar Pradesh and India, may avail our lavish legal services for their various objects of intellectual property, for doing business at domestic and international levels in its various industrial fields stipulated in the last section of this webpage. This webpage informs only our swift and superb trademark registration services in this 'Sports City of India'.

Trademark Registration in Meerut

How to Register a Trademark in Meerut as per New TM Rules 2017?

To register a new trademark/service-mark as per new Indian trademarks rules of 2017, individuals and industries of Meerutrequire to perform the following tasks or processes:

  • Generating an original and distinctive trademark/service-mark for doing business/service in the interested industrial field, and then selecting right trademark class or classes for getting registration thereunder.
  • Verification of undebatable uniqueness of the trademark/service-mark through trademark search in India. Our expert and generous trademark lawyers conduct free trademark search across Indian trademark databases to help and ease clients.
  • Then, comes the turn of making trademark application filing online (through new Form TM-A) with the trademark registry office of new Delhi.
  • Now, expedited processing of the entire application seeking trademark registration is possible through making request for the same in Form TM-M.
  • Then, the following ancillary tasks may also be required --- convincing registrability of the mark, handling any cases of trademark opposition, and offering prosecution for perfect and prompt registration.

Brand Name and Logo Registration for your Company, Products/Goods and Services in Meerut

Located in Delhi in close vicinity (just around 70 Km away) to Meerut, our internationally famous IPR law firm is regarded as being one of the most suitable and reliable firms of NCR for expeditious and excellent brand name and logo registration in meerut for progressive business conduction in is various economic fields.

Today, the most progressive economic fields of this second largest industrial city of NCR are the following, which are highly suitable for trademark registration and doing business in at the regional or national level ---- sports goods, musical instruments, education and teaching, paper and publishing, handlooms, scissors, battle gears and armory, chemicals, light engineering including transformers, information technology, pharmaceuticals, gold designing and jewelry, and many other fast-emerging industrial fields.

To avail our quick and impeccable services for trademark registration in Meerut, interested people and industries may just call over: +91-8800-100-281; or send their concerned queries or requests at: