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Brand Name Registration

For well known and popular companies and other successful businesses; brand has played a vital role in bringing the visual appearances of the respective goods and services. Brand name makes a unique identity to the clients while selecting the goods in the market. For company; product is a valuable where as for product; the brand is valuable that brings a sense of competition and favorability in the corporate market. Brand name can be termed as trade symbol that can be registered under trademark act 1999 [ ] in India. A product or service with trade symbol or brand name can easily be point out by the clients that brings a sense of constant loyalty among the customers of the company. Registered services will get more preferences and will surely be get best revert from the market as compare to goods and services without registration. Thus, brand name registration is somewhere proves to be as one of the ways while achieving the long term goals.

Brand Registration Services India

Here, under the legal services being offered by the trademarksindia comprised of expert hands where you will find a perfect professionalism while meeting the dynamic needs of the legal world. Here you will find the complete range of corporate legal services ranging from company registration to new business formation along with trademark, copyright, logo registration for company or product, patent and brand registration in India.

Under brand registration services in India we bring you with below points:
  • First, look up at past registry of already registered brands.
  • After examining the originality of brand; we will file an application.
  • Then we take care of your filed application while notify the client with respective status.
  • After getting a certificate of brand registration services in India; the next step is to have brand protection and prosecution process.
  • We will serve the clients with every service in brand registration and protection along with other IPR segment in India.

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