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Trademark Infringement and Trademark Disputes

The trademark disputes are all those various disputes which are related with the registration, maintenance, commercial usage, and protection of trademarks and service-marks. The most common and prominent of these trademark disputes are hassles associated with trademark opposition, trademark cancellation, trademark licensing, and trademark infringement. This webpage contains very informative and exclusive information about trademark infringement litigations, and our well-informed and masterly legal services for dealing with and tackling trademark infringement cases in India and abroad. Here, it may be mentioned that, our IPR law firm of Delhi is one of the hugely reputed, fast progressing, and leading IPR law firms of India adorned with worldwide prominence.

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The trademark infringement is a case or instance of making commercial uses and benefits of any registered trademark or service-mark of other person/entity, or employing an objectionably similar trademark to the owned/registered trademark of other person/company, especially without getting proper legal permission and authority from the owner/holder of the mark to do so. The person or company committing such activities is called as the infringer. The lower section deals exclusively with the trademark infringement cases remedies or solutions, to help owners of the registered trademarks and service-marks.

Trademark Infringement Cases Remedies or Solutions

This section contains informative and beneficial information over the precautions to be taken to eliminate the chances of trademark infringement cases, and also the legal tasks associated with the trademark infringement litigations. The possible and most common results or outcomes of such a litigation are also informed briefly.

To avert the chances of trademark infringement and trademark disputes of various types, the owner of any registered trademark (or service mark) should undertake the following measures:
  • Read regularly the Trade Marks Journal
  • File trademark opposition in case of striking similarity to your filed or registered trademark or service-mark
  • Perform trademark watch and monitoring
  • Use the registered trademark constantly after its registration
  • Be punctual in renewing the original or previous registration of your trademark
  • Keep yourself alert to notice cases of trademark infringement in the concerned jurisdictional markets
  • Deal commercial activities and licensing related with your registered trademark fairly and flawlessly
  • File prompt lawsuit or use ADR services against any grave trademark disputes

To tackle the trademark infringement cases or litigations, our veteran trademark litigators undertake all necessary tasks and services to help the concerned entrepreneurs and companies located in India or abroad. These services include the following ---- gathering evidences to prove existence of trademark infringement activities; making consultation with the infringer, seeking out-of-court solution; drafting and filing rigorous lawsuit against the infringer; attending and offering advocacy in favor of our client during court hearings and trials; and escorting compensations from the convicted infringer. The most common outcomes of the trademark infringement litigations are recovery of the financial, commercial, and reputation-related damages and losses occurred to the owner of the registered trademark, from the convicted infringer person or company.

Aggrieved entrepreneurs or companies may call us over: +91-8800-100-281; or send their respective queries or mails to: for receiving our expert and incisive services against trademark infringement or other trademark disputes in India or abroad.