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Trademark Classes in India

The classes of trademarks and service marks used for the purpose of registration with five regional offices of the trademark registry in India, are the same as those listed in the international classification of goods and services, which is commonly termed as the Nice Classification. Administered and regularly updated by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) this Nice Classification is now used in countries worldwide for the purposes of the national and international registrations of trademarks and service marks. Hence, the trademark classes in india are the same as those used in nations all across the world. The various classes of trademarks and service marks listed in this Nice Classification are listed separately in the section below.

The importance of the trademark class is immense, in connection with registration, prosecution, and other legal procedures related with trademarks and service marks performed at the domestic or international levels, where there is a mandatory requirement of specifying the concerned class/classes corresponding to one's business field(s). Basically a trademark class represents a certain category of goods or products, and hence all different trademarks used in the businesses of these goods and products. For example, referring to the listing below, it can be said that all diverse trademarks related with explosives and firearms come under the trademark class 13; while all various service marks associated with the financial and insurance services belong to the service-mark class 36.

Here, it may be noted that registration of a trademark is provided for making uses of the same only in the specified class/classes of goods or products. Also, selection of appropriate class for the purpose of trademark registration, essentially requires comprehensive and expert knowledge about the various discrete classes of goods & products and services. For example, the chemical substances used in medical science, and the adhesives used for diverse household or stationery purposes, are kept under the trademark class 1; these are kept in class 5 and class 16, respectively. Again, the instruments and apparatus used for recording, amplifying, or reproduction of sound are not registered under the trademark class 15; these are registered under class 09.

Trademarks Classification of Goods and Services

The globally recognized international classification of products and services, the Nice Classification, contains a total of 45 discrete classes of products and services created in various economic sectors. This trademarks classification of goods and services is especially useful for getting trademarks/service marks registered under diverse international treaties and conventions related with these, such as TRIPS Agreement, Madrid Protocol, Berne or Paris Convention, or EU's Community Trademark (CTM).

Of these 45 broad classes of goods and services, 34 belong to trademarks and the remaining 11 relate to service marks, as is listed below:

Goods and Products

Class 1: (Chemicals, Resins, and Plastics.)
Class 2: (Varnishes, Paints, and Anti-corrosion substances)
Class 3: (Cosmetics, Hair Oils and Lotions, and Cleaning Preparations)
Class 4: (Greases, Lubricants, and Fuels)
Class 5: (Pharmaceutical, Medical, and Sanitary Preparations)
Class 6: (Goods of Metals and Alloys, Ironmongery and Hardware Products)
Class 7: (Equipments and Machineries)
Class 8: (Hand-operated Devices and Tools)
Class 9: (Scientific, Electrical, and Technological Apparatus)
Class 10: (Medical and Surgical Instruments and Apparatus)
Class 11: (Heating, Cooling, Drying, and Refrigerating Apparatus)
Class 12: (Land, Air, and Water Vehicles)
Class 13: (Explosives and Firearms)
Class 14: (Precious Metals and Stones, and Jewelry Items)
Class 15: (Diverse Musical Instruments)
Class 16: (Paper Goods, Stationery Products, and Printed Materials)
Class 17: (Rubber and Plastic Goods and Products)
Class 18: (Products made of Hides and Leathers)
Class 19: (Various Non-Metallic Building Materials)
Class 20: (Furniture, and other precious household Articles)
Class 21: (Kitchen Utensils, Household Appliances and Glass products)
Class 22: (Ropes and Cordage, Fibers, and Stuffing materials)
Class 23: (Threads and Yarns for uses in textiles)
Class 24: (Textiles and Fabrics)
Class 25: (Apparels and Clothing)
Class 26: (Fringes and Fancy Goods and Products)
Class 27: (Floor Coverings and Wall Hangings)
Class 28: (Toys, Sporting, and Sports Goods)
Class 29: (Meats and Processed Food Items)
Class 30: (Auxiliary Food and Beverage Items)
Class 31: (Agricultural and Horticultural Products)
Class 32: (Beers, Light Beverages, and Fruit Juices)
Class 33: (Wines and Spirits)
Class 34: (Tobacco Products and Smokers' Articles)

Services ----

Class 35: (Advertising, Business Administration and Management)
Class 36: (Financial and Insurance Services)
Class 37: (Building Construction and Repairs)
Class 38: (Telecommunications)
Class 39: (Transportation and Storage of Goods and products)
Class 40: (Treatment of Materials)
Class 41: (Education and Entertainment)
Class 42: (Computers, Scientific, and Legal)
Class 43: (Hotels and Restaurants)
Class 44: (Agricultural, Medical, and Beauty)
Class 45: (Personal and Social Services)

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