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Trademark or Service Mark Class 45

This service mark class 45 is of paramount importance to people and companies which are engaged in the fields of various personal and social services, legal services, security services for property and individuals, and the religious and spiritual services. This class is the last class of services among the total of 45 classes of nice classification list, which lists a total of eleven classes for various services. Administered and kept up-to-date by WIPO, this Nice classification is the prime reference in connection with the international registrations of trademarks and service marks pertaining to various fields of occupation and service.

Provided generously in this web-article is sumptuous information regarding the brisk and best registrations of all newly invented class 45 service marks in entire India and the world, with masterly support of our sophisticated trademark lawyers. Well-based in Delhi our well-resourced law firm is one of the fast booming and highly reliable IPR law firms of India, which has been extending its top-notch legal services for all categories of intellectual property for around a decade to Indian and global people and companies. The outstanding and most impressive features of our hugely popular and world-famous IPR services are the following ---- impeccable creativity and vision; high efficiency and credibility; reasonable and economical service charges; generous policies for Indian and global clients; and punctiliously mature and fully responsible handling of matters.

Class 45 Personal and Social Services

Specifically, the class 45 personal and social services may be divided into the following broad categories of services:
  • Services for Safety, Security, and Rescue of People and Property
  • Diverse Legal Services
  • Various Personal and Social Services
  • Detective Services
  • Astrological Services
  • Religious and Spiritual Services
  • Funerary Services
  • Services of Marriage Agencies
  • Rental Services for Clothing

Wise readers must note that the following services do not come under the class 45 services --- services for security and protection of computer software (service mark class 42); professional services to business companies (service mark class 35); financial and insurance services (service mark class 36); entertaining services (service mark class 41); educational services (service mark class 41); security transportation services (service mark class 39); escorting of tourists and travelers (service mark class 39); and medical and veterinary services (service mark class 44).

In India, registrations under the class 45 of service marks are governed and regulated by the five zonal offices of trademark registry, which are located in Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, and Chennai. And, at the international levels worldwide, these service marks are registered under one or more of the following, depending upon the business strategies and priorities of the applicant companies ---- TRIPS Agreement, Paris Convention, European Union Trade Marks (EUTM), and the Madrid Protocol.

Those people or entities which have invented new service marks pertaining to the class 45 of nice classification, may just call over: +91-8800-100-281; or mail their respective queries or problems to:; for availing our prompt and cheap legal services for registering these in India or abroad.