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What is Trademark Portfolio Management?

Trademark Portfolio Management (TPM) is proper, punctual, and strategic management of all legal processes related with a trademark/service-mark ranging from its registration and maintenance to complete protection in the desired jurisdictions. Thus, impeccable and efficient trademark portfolio management enables a company to keep the business related with its trademark secure and profitable always.

The services covered under this TPM are enlisted separately in the section below. Here now, being provided is brief information about the importance and profitability of this trademark portfolio management (TPM), and about the trademark-related legal services of our prestigious IPR law firm of India.

A trademark or service mark is closely associated with the stability, smoothness, and profitability of the business for which it is used. For the best possible and beneficial results, the trademark/service-mark of a company must be maintained strikingly unique in the concerned market, its reputation should not be harmed by an infringer through making unauthorized use of the trademark for selling the same or similar goods/products, and the trademark must be renewed punctually and protected rigorously in the relevant jurisdiction. Many other ancillary services covered under the canopy of this TPM are listed below. Well-based in Delhi, our ambitious and innovative IPR law firm is regarded as one of the most popular and best IPR law firms of India, amid Indian and global clients doing business in India. We offer the full gamut of legal services for trademarks and service marks, and all other major categories of intellectual property. Our IPR services are also provided under diverse international treaties/conventions related with intellectual property.

Trademark Portfolio Management (TPM) Services

Well-resourced and well-experienced, our IPR law firm of India has been undertaking trademark portfolio management (TPM) services for past many years to benefit our Indian and foreign clients doing business/service in India and abroad. The qualities, which make our trademark portfolio management services excellent and reliable, are the following --- up-to-date and expert knowledge, punctiliousness and efficiency, reasonable service charges, Indian and International service coverage, and generous policies for its old and regular clients.

Under the broad gamut of our TPM services, the following major and ancillary services are covered:

  • All involved activities and tasks related with Indian and International registrations of trademarks and service marks under all 45 classes of Nice classification
  • Punctual renewals of registered trademarks and service-marks
  • Trademark watch and monitoring
  • Trademark oppositions
  • ADR related with a trademark/service-mark
  • Trademark infringement litigations
  • Trademark prosecutions for various objectives
  • Trademark due diligence related with acquisition, hiring, sale, or purchase of any registered trademark or service-mark
  • Restoration of removed trademarks from trademark register

Indian or foreign companies/firms interested in availing all or few services of our trademark portfolio management, may promptly contact over: +91-8800-100-281; or mail their queries or requests at: