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Service Mark Registration in India

Masterly, flawless, and reasonably-charged legal services for registration of trademarks and service marks relating to all 45 classes of Nice classification are among the most popular and admired services of ours Delhi-based IPR law firm of India. These ace and efficient services are provided for registration of trademarks and service-marks in entire India and at international levels worldwide. The lower sub-heading contains exclusive and very useful information about how to register service mark in india for providing service in any of the 11 classes of services stipulated in the Nice classification;jsessionid=9418AC54AA914A9D1E9F039C5FC82226.ec2t1

At international levels, ours these expert services are provided for registrations under the TRIPS Agreement, Madrid Protocol, Berne or Paris Convention, and the European Union Trade Mark (EUTM).

A service mark is nothing but any specific mark or sign which serves the same function for a given service rendered by a service-proving company, as a trademark serves for any specific product of a company. Our erudite and vibrant trademark lawyers are extensively experienced and internationally renowned in providing all legal tasks or activities related with the registration, maintenance, and protection of service marks in India and nations worldwide.

How to Register Service Mark in India

To register a service mark in any part of India, our lawyers offer all needed services during the entire registration procedure. Based on the location of the service-providing entity of our client, chosen is any of the five regional offices of trademark registry which are located in Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, Chennai, and Ahmedabad. Then, the following procedural processes or tasks are carried out by our lawyers in consultation with their clients.

If the client has not yet created a service mark, then the trademark lawyer will guide him in creation of the service mark, which will be verified for uniqueness through trademark search in India. Then, application for the service mark registration in india will be filed with the relevant office of trademark registry. Thereafter, the following processes are performed expertly and punctually by our lawyers:
  • Catering to the requirements or suggestions of the trademark examiner/registrar
  • Handling the possible cases of trademark objection
  • Extending prosecution for flawless and fast registration
  • And, lastly, getting the certificate of trademark registration on behalf of the client.

People and service-providing entities located in places nationwide, may call over: +91-8800-100-281; or send queries or mail to: to receive our brisk and expert legal services for registration of their respective service marks for doing business in entire India.