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Logo Design Services

A Logo is usually a graphical, literary, or numeric, figure or indication, or a combination of these all, which is used for representing uniquely a company, or its any product/service, in the concerned jurisdictional marketplaces. When used for distinguishing a product, a logo is commonly called as a trademark; and when it is used for representing a particular service of a company (service-proving company), then it is termed as a service-mark. However, the logo used for representing the aims and vision of a company, is often quite different from a trademark or a service mark in designing or contents.

Our trademark lawyers and graphic designers of international renown are well-versed in designing unique and scintillating logo for branding a company, and also for trademark and service-mark, for doing business, profession, or service, in the desired economic fields in India or abroad. This very beneficial and exclusive webpage offers very useful information regarding our professional and creative logo design services, to be helpful to ours myriads of visitors and clients located in places all across India and the whole world. So far, the trademark logo designing services and company logo designing services of our well-informed, innovative, and discerning trademark lawyers have been utilized by numerous Indian and international clients with high commendation and satisfaction.

Here, it must be noted that, a company logo, a trademark, or a service mark, must be readily striking, alluringly impressive, and imaginative intellectually, besides being entirely unique. Our well-experienced, internationally reputed, and highly discerning trademark lawyers do possess the high caliber to design such logos, to satisfy companies, firms, and organizations engaged in various economic sectors. Information about our logo designing services is being provided in the section below separately for convenience of the visitors.

Logo Design for Trademark

Our services for logo design for company, business or product are just a part of our full gamut of legal services for trademarks and service marks belonging to all 45 classes of these. Our other swift and fully responsible services in connection with trademarks and service marks are filing application for trademark registration in India or abroad; trademark prosecution; trademark opposition; trademark infringement litigation; trademark renewal; and trademark watch and monitoring. Expert and meticulous trademark search and infringement analysis are inherently included in our logo designing services.

Persons, firms, and companies interested in the businesses of any economic fields, can readily avail our expeditious, economical, and impeccable services for designing company logos, trademarks, and service marks. These will be designed strictly as per their individual directions, instructions, and objectives.

What Formats we used for Logo Design and Delivery Method
  • The company logo, trademark, or service mark will be designed using: Photoshop and Coral Draw in formats like jpg, gif, png, etc.
  • After designing the required logo for trademark, or service mark, this will be given to the concerned client in PSD File or CDR File, as per his/her preference, for making alterations or modifications in the same.
  • After incorporating any desired changes in the given logo, our designers and lawyers will again check uniqueness of the modified trademark or logo through discerning trademark searching.

Any entrepreneur, professional, business person, company, or firm located in India or abroad, may avail our expeditious and excellent logo designing service, for doing business in India or the concerned foreign countries. Just contact at +91-8800-100-281 or mail at