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Trademark a Logo

A Logo is an immensely significant intellectual property of any company, firm, or organization active in any economic sector. This logo may be related with the company or its any product or service. The main function of a logo is to distinguish a company from other companies especially those which are active in the same sector of economy in the specified jurisdiction, or its product/service from that of all other companies in the said jurisdictional markets. Hence, a logo is essentially a trademark or service mark, which is registered as per the trademark law of the concerned country. In India, all logos and trademarks are registered as per the Trade Marks Act of 1999 and the Trade Marks Rules of 2002, including all the amendments made thereto so far. This well-drafted webpage contains very useful and exclusive information about how to trademark a logo for your company or product to conduct a secure and profitable business in India or abroad in the desired economic sector.

The trademark lawyers of our Delhi-based and internationally acclaimed IPR law firm offer expert and efficient legal services for registration of a logo as trademark in entire India and also under all major international treaties or conventions related with trademarks. These services for logo registrations in India and abroad are readily available for all types of companies and all 45 distinctive classes of trademarks and service marks. Moreover, our well-resourced IPR law firm of India also undertakes logo design for trademark for diverse companies and classes of trademarks and service marks.

How to Trademark a Logo for your Company/ Brand Or Product

The most important and vital pieces of information required from your side will be the following ---- the picture of the newly created logo; the class or classes of goods or services, you want to use the logo in the business of those in India or abroad; the location of your company; the type of your company, in case of the logo registration for the company; the field of business of your company; all important facts related with your logo or its use; and all pieces of information related with the registration and business of your company.

In connection with logo or trademark registration, we offer the following main tasks and services to entrepreneurs, companies, firms, institutions, and organizations located anywhere in India or the world
  • Consultation over creation of a unique and scintillating logo or trademark
  • Designing the logo or trademark
  • Trademark Search
  • Filing the application for registration with the concerned zonal trademark registry office of India, or under the desired international treaty or convention
  • Meeting the requirements/alternations desired by the concerned office of trademark registry
  • Trademark prosecution for proper and brisk registration of the proposed logo or trademark
  • Tackling cases of trademark opposition
  • Lastly, getting the certificate of trademark/logo registration on behalf of our client.

At the international level, our perfect and brisk legal services for logo or trademark registration are available for the TRIPS Agreement, Berne or Paris Convention, Madrid Protocol, and the European Union Trade Mark (EUTM).

To trademark a logo in India or under any international convention abroad, you just need to contact us through telephonic (+91-8800100-281) or electronic ( mode, from any place of India or the whole world.