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What is Trademark Watch

Trademark Watch is an advisable task to prevent the possible cases of trademark infringement or misuse by others, or trademark dilution in the concerned jurisdictional marketplace. Thus, the trademark watch is recommendable for securing unique identity and reputation of one's registered trademark/service-mark, and thereby keeping the related business/service unharmed and profitable in future times.

This webpage offers information about the importance of the trademark watch and monitoring to business/service entities engaged in various economic fields in India or abroad, and also about our expert and punctilious trademark watch services in india, to help Indian and global entities in doing undaunted and profitable business/service in entire India.

The process of trademark watch essentially involves the tasks of keeping a constant and close watch on the trademarks and service marks being filed in entire India for the purpose of registration, checking and monitoring of any misuse of one's registered trademark/service-mark in the concerned market, and taking strict and proper actions against any of these two possible cases. The main objective of keeping a close watch on the trademark databases of filed applications and also on the trademarks being published in the Trade Marks Journal, is to avert the registration of objectionably or confusingly similar trademarks (to the registered trademark of our client) for doing business/service in the same or similar fields. Strikingly similar trademarks or trademark infringement cases are likely to result in the trademark dilution (gradual reduction of the distinctiveness of the trademark of our client in the market concerned) and decreasing profitability of business of our client.

Trademark Watch Services in India

Brilliant and vibrant trademark lawyers of our internationally famous IPR law firm of India (well-based in Delhi) provide expert and dutiful services for trademark watch and monitoring to secure unique identity and reputation of the trademarks and service marks of our Indian and global clients in entire India. These impeccable and vigilant trademark watch services in india cover the following tasks and actions on behalf of our clients:

  • Keeping a constant and close watch on the new trademark applications being filed in entire India, especially for doing business of the same goods or similar products. Strikingly, confusingly, or objectionably similar trademarks or service marks are then strongly objected to. These similarities may be visual, phonetic, etc. Regular reading of the Indian Trade Marks Journal is also done by them for such purposes.
  • In case of finding any above-mentioned similarity, our trademark lawyers then inform the related applicants regarding the objectionably similarity. Such trademarks or service marks are also dealt with through making a rigorous trademark objection timely.
  • Conducting market observation and research to ensure that on person/entity is using illegally (without permission) the registered trademark/service-mark of our any client. After consultation with the infringer, a legal suit may also be filed if need be, to eliminate further misuse or infringement of the registered trademark of our client.

To avail our scrupulous and dutiful services for trademark watch and monitoring in India, Indian or foreign people/entities may readily contact us over: +91-8800-100-281; or send their relevant queries or requests at: