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Company Registration India

Company registration is to make your firm legal and nurture in order to run smoothly in the long term. In India; every business house needs to get register with company act 1956 India in order to enlist under the legal companies. Below are the services we involve under the company registration services in India.
  • Our attorneys will make you while getting approval of business or company name by ROC where the registered office of the company situated.
  • After getting the approval of company's name; our solicitors will file your application for company registration in India.
  • During the same process; we too take care that all legal forms and other requites will be carried on in order to have successful company registration.
  • We notify our clients with each and every information till that we finally get company registration certificate.

Company Registration Services

Trademarksindia specializes in business law, which seeks to serve the customer within the complex. The major section of law services put main focus on corporate law in India; for tax and financial law, international and domestic carriage trade rights, as the legal firm is comprised of different expert attorneys well versed with varied area of practices. Here we welcome any of the legal matter ranging from company registration in India to IPR segments and many more corporate law activities. We undertake this legal framework, contracts, agreements, preparation of the counter, bring proceedings in a civil proceeding and court representation. The corporate law and business law offenses and procedures covering the whole duration of defense counsel, representatives of orders accepted.

Our legal firm comprised of high skilled lawyers, chartered accountants, certified auditors, financial and economic consulting in order to bring the best to any of the legal matter. Apart from business law services; we too offer worthy suggestions and recommendations about how to face corporate competition efficiently; how to grow your business; how to tackle with varied corporate activities, how to move with merger and acquisition process and many more services are to be offered by trademarksindia at affordable cost rate.