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Trademark Class 9

The class 9 of the Nice classification is also known as the trademark class 9 by people, companies, and industries of the world over, especially in connection with the registration of their respective trademarks pertaining to the goods and products in this class. Thus, this class 9 of nice classification forms the basis of selecting appropriate classes for the international as well as national level registration of trademarks and service marks. This webpage contains exclusive and very useful information about the goods and products kept under this class 9, and our flawless and quick legal services for the Indian and international registration of all trademarks related with the goods and products of this class 9.

This class 9 of trademarks has been comprehensively and adroitly served by our trademark lawyers of high caliber and international repute in India and nations worldwide. In India, all five regional trademark registry offices have received these services of them, and at the international levels, almost all international treaties associated with trademarks have been served by them so far, in connection with trademark registrations of diverse classes of this nice classification. These international treaties and conventions include the Madrid Protocol, the TRIPS Agreement, the Berne or Paris Convention, and the Community Trademark of European Union.

Class 9 Scientific and Technological Equipments

The range of class 9 scientific and technological equipments is rather wide, and it covers the following specific sub-categories of scientific, electrical, electronic, and technical devices, equipments, and apparatus:
  • Computers and Computer Hardware
  • Computer Software and Equipments
  • Computer Networking and Data Communications Equipments
  • Data Storage Devices
  • Electrical and Electronic Components
  • Electrical and Mechanical Data Processing Equipment and Accessories
  • Electrical Circuits and Circuit Boards
  • Cables and Wires
  • Measuring, Counting, Alignment, and Calibrating Instruments and Machines
  • Fire-Extinguishing Apparatus
  • Sensors and Detectors
  • Nautical Equipments and Devices
  • Time, Temperature, Speed, and Distance Measuring Instruments
  • Controllers and Regulators used in diverse Industries
  • Scientific Research and Laboratory Apparatus, Educational Apparatus and Simulators
  • Protective and Safety Equipments
  • Broadcasting Equipment
  • Photocopiers and Image Scanners
  • Image Capturing and Developing Devices
  • Communications Equipments and Apparatus
  • Display Devices, Audio Devices, Television Receivers, and Film and Video Devices
  • Recorded Contents
  • Media Contents
  • Audio/Visual and Photographic Devices
  • Calculators
  • Coin-operated Automatic Vending Machines and Mechanisms
  • And, many other Electrical and Scientific Equipments and Devices not covered in other classes.

At this juncture, the readers are kindly informed that the trademarks related with the domestic or international businesses of the following equipments, devices, and apparatuses are not covered in this class 9 trademarks --- watches and clocks, and other chronometric instruments and devices (trademark class 14); hand-operated devices, tools, and implements (trademark class 8); electro-mechanical apparatuses for use in kitchen, and various equipments and apparatuses operated through use of electric power (trademark class 7); and electrical equipments used for space heating, liquid heating, etc. (trademark class 11).

Interested people or companies in registering their trademarks under class 9 or any other classes in India or abroad, may just contact us at: +91-8800-100-281; or send a prompt mail to: