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Trademark/ Service Mark Class 38

Immensely significant and vital is the service mark class 38 to all people and companies engaged in the sector of telecommunications in countries of the world over. It is because, this class 38 of nice classification is associated with the telecommunications services. The section below, lists these services delivered in the telecommunications sector, the service marks related to which are therefore, registered under this class 38 of service marks, especially at the international levels worldwide.

This carefully well-drafted web article contains information about the various services covered by the class 38 service marks, and our internationally popular legal services for registrations of the service marks pertaining to these services at the domestic level in India and at the international levels worldwide. Our well-resourced and innovative IPR law firm is based in Delhi, and is counted among the most popular and reputed IPR law firms of India for past many years. We have the complete range of legal services for every major category of intellectual property, starting right from creation and registration of those to maintenance and protection in India and countries worldwide. So far, millions of people and entities located in India and abroad, have availed our IPR services, both advisory services and transactional services.

Trademark Class 38 Telecommunications Services

Broadly, the various services covered by the class 38 telecommunications services, are the following:
  • Telecommunication Services
  • Broadcasting Services
  • Computer Communication and Internet Access
  • Telephone and Mobile Phone Services
  • Access to Online Content, Websites, and Web Portals
  • Rental Services for Telecommunications Facilities and Equipments

It is very important to note that the following services are not classified into the class 38 telecommunications services, for the purpose of international registrations of the related service marks ---- telemarketing services, and the radio advertising services, both of which are kept in the service mark class 35.

For registrations of these service marks in entire India, relevant are the five zonal trademark registry offices, and the Trade Marks Act of 1999 and the Trade Marks Rules of 2002, including all amendments made to these so far. And, for the international registrations of these class 38 service marks, concerned are the following international legislations ---- TRIPS Agreement, Madrid Protocol, Paris Convention, and the European Union Trade Marks (EUTM). The selection of one or more of these international treaties is made based on the business requirements of individual companies.

Creators of new service marks relating to class 38 telecommunications services, may call over: +91-8800-100-281; or cast their respective queries or mail at:; for getting perfect and swift registrations of the same in India and countries worldwide.