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Trademark Class 24

Magnificent trademark class 24 is globally famous for being related with the trademarks used in the businesses of various fabrics and textile goods. This class 24 is actually the class 24 of nice classification, which is governed and continually updated in every five-year period by WIPO. Here, it may also be just mentioned that, the Nice classification of goods and services generated in various economic fields, is basically referred to as the basis of allotting classes to the trademarks used in these all economic sectors, especially for the purpose of registration of trademarks and service marks at international levels worldwide. This webpage presents very informative and useful information about the Indian and international registrations of various class 24 trademarks, through expert and responsible support of ours mellow trademark lawyers of international prestige.

The Indian registrations of the trademarks of class 24 are performed with the five regional offices of trademark registry of the country, chosen based on the locations of the applicant persons or companies. The registrations are carried out strictly as per the rules and provisions given in the Trade Marks Act of 1999 and the Trade Marks Rules of 2002, and all the amendments made thereto till date. On the other hand, the foreign registrations of these are performed under the rules and provisions of any or more of the International Treaties or Conventions of the TRIPS Agreement, Madrid Protocol, European Union Trade Marks (EUTM), and the Berne or Paris Convention. The lawyers of our internationally renowned IPR law firm of Delhi are well-versed in supporting these both categories of registrations of trademarks and service marks pertaining to all 45 classes of nice classification, to serve Indian and global people and entities.

Class 24 Fabrics and Textiles

The broad scope of the class 24 fabrics and textiles covers the following:
  • Various Fabrics
  • Textile Substances, Goods, and Products, including the Substitutes of These
  • Bed Clothes and Blankets
  • Table, Kitchen, and Bath Linens
  • Coverings for Furniture Items
  • Cloth Wall Hangings
  • Labels
  • Textile Filtering Materials

At this stage of reading, readers must note that the trademarks used in the commerce of the following goods and substances are not registered under the class 24 of trademarks at international and Indian levels ---- electrically heated blankets used for medical purposes (trademark class 10), horse blankets (trademark class 18), and table linens made of papers.

Nascent to established companies interested or involved in the commerce of various class 24 fabrics and textiles, may briskly call over: +91-8800-100-281 or deposit a relevant mail at: for getting their respective trademark registered in India or the targeted foreign countries.