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Trademark Class 13

The trademark class 13 is none other than the class 13 of the Nice classification, which is a globally acclaimed classification of goods and services generated in various economic sectors. Here it may also be just mentioned that the Nice classification forms the base for registering a trademark for doing business in a certain category of goods and products at the specified national or international level. For example, the class 13 of nice classification helps in the international registration of trademarks related with various explosives and firearms. Administered by WIPO, this international classification of goods and services is regularly updated in every five-year period.

This carefully drafted webpage gives a rich stock of very informative and beneficial information regarding the class 13 of trademarks, registration of these trademarks in India and foreign countries worldwide, and our expert and expeditious legal services escorting these trademark registrations. The trademark lawyers of our well-experienced and prestigious IPR law firm of Delhi are well-versed in delivering the full gamut of legal services and advices related with all 45 classes of trademarks and service-marks at Indian and international levels. At the international levels worldwide, their services related with the TRIPS Agreement, European Union's Community Trademark (CTM), the Madrid Protocol, and the Berne or Paris Convention.

Class 13 Explosives and Firearms

The class 13 trademarks are mainly related with trademarks used in the businesses of firearms, explosives, weapons, and pyrotechnical products. The exclusive range of this class 13 explosives and firearms covers the following:
  • Firearms and Weapons
  • Ammunition and Projectiles
  • Explosive Substances and Devices, other than Firearms
  • Fireworks and Pyrotechnics

Here, it must be noted that the trademarks related with matches are not included in this class 13 of the nice classification for the international registration of trademarks. These trademarks associated with the commerce of matches are covered in the class 34.

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