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Trademark Class 33

The trademark class 33 is globally famous for containing wines, spirits, and other alcoholic beverages, excepting beers. Certainly this class is one of the 45 classes of nice classification, which is administered and updated in every five years by WIPO. This informative web-article provides information about the registrations of all newly invented trademarks belonging to this class 33 of nice classification in India and countries worldwide. The specialties of our top-notch legal services for trademarks and other categories of intellectual property are also described briefly.

The outstanding and internationally admired qualities and specialties of our legal services for diverse categories of intellectual property, essentially including trademarks, are the following ---- expert handling, just reasonable service charges, high and impressive efficiency, generous policies for clients, complete safety and confidentiality, and responsible punctiliousness. Located in Delhi, our law firm is one of the hugely popular and leading IPR law firms of India, well-adorned with international commendations. As far as trademarks and service marks are concerned, our veteran and innovative trademark lawyers deliver the full gamut of legal services which covers trademark renewals, trademark infringement litigations, trademark oppositions, etc., besides trademark search and registration.

Class 33 Wines and Spirits

Trademarks used in the businesses of the following substances and products, pertain to this class 33 wines and spirits, for the purposes of international registration and protection:
  • Wines and Fortified Wines in General
  • Liquors and Spirits
  • Pre-Mixed Beverages
  • Sparkling Wines
  • Preparations for Alcoholic Beverages
  • And, other Alcoholic Beverages

It should be kept in mind that, the following substances, goods, and products are not classified under the class 33 of trademarks for international as well as Indian registrations of trademarks related with these ---- beverages for medical and medicinal uses (trademark class 5), and various non-alcoholic beverages (trademark class 32).

For registrations of class 33 trademarks in entire India, concerned are the five offices of trademark registry and the Trade Marks Act of 1999 along with the Trade Marks Rules of 2002. While for the international registrations of these in countries worldwide, relevant are one or all of the following treaties and conventions chosen as per the business requirements or priorities ---- TRIPS Agreement, Paris Convention, Madrid Protocol, and the European Union Trade Marks (EUTM).

People or companies interested in Indian or international registrations of their newly created trademarks under the trademark class 33, may contact us over: +91-8800-100-281; or mail their relevant queries or problems to: .