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Trademark Class 10

The trademark class 10 is primarily and exclusively related with the trademarks used in the businesses of medical and surgical equipments and apparatuses. The lower section of this webpage gives detailed information about the various instruments, equipments, and apparatuses related with this class 10 of trademarks. This class 10 is essentially associated with the class 10 of the Nice classification of goods and services. Here, it may be informed that the Nice classification is a globally acclaimed classification of goods and services produced in various sectors of occupation and economy, and is inevitably referred to in connection with the registration of trademarks used in these sectors, at international level worldwide.

Our Delhi-based and nationwide and internationally famous IPR law firm of India has been providing flawless, fast, and generously-charged legal services for perfect registration of trademarks and service marks in entire India and the whole world, for around a decade. Hence, all newly created trademarks pertaining to this class 10 of trademarks can swiftly be registered in India or under any desired international treaty with support of our veteran trademark lawyers. The most famous and influential international treaties and conventions related with trademarks and other categories of intellectual property are the following at present --- TRIPS Agreement of WTO, Madrid Protocol of WIPO, Berne or Paris Convention, and the Community Trademark of the European Union.

Class 10 Medical and Surgical Instruments & Apparatus

Under the class 10 medical and surgical instruments & apparatus, the following come specifically:
  • Medical Furniture and Bedding
  • Diagnostic and Monitoring Equipments
  • Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Equipments
  • Surgical and Wound Treating Equipments
  • Medical Imaging Apparatus
  • Medical and Veterinary Apparatus and Instruments
  • Suture and Wound Closing Materials and Products
  • Orthopedic and Mobility Aids
  • Artificial Organs and Implants
  • X-ray Apparatus for Medical Purposes
  • Prosthetics and Artificial Implants
  • Dental Equipments
  • Dental Prostheses, Artificial Teeth and Jaws
  • Equipments for Moving Patients
  • Medical Clothing
  • Hearing Protection Devices
  • Massage Apparatus
  • Feeding Aids and Pacifiers
  • Sex Aids
  • Contraceptive Products and Devices

Our services and advices in connection with class 10 of nice classification range from the very trademark creation to registration and protection in India and the desired foreign jurisdictions. These features hold good also for all other classes of this international classification of goods and services.

People, companies, and industries, located in India or any country worldwide, may call over: +91-8800-100-281; or cast a mail to:; for availing our best and brisk legal services for trademarks.