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Trademark Class 32

This productive web-article informs about the trademark class 32 and the services for our IPR law firm for perfect and prompt registrations of all trademarks belonging to this class, in entire India and the world. This class of trademarks is no other than the class 32 of nice classification, which is a globally approved classification of goods and services produced and delivered in various economic fields. The Nice classification is generally utilized for registering trademarks and service marks at international levels worldwide.

Specifically, the class 32 of trademarks is associated with the trademarks which are employed in the businesses of various light beverages, non-alcoholic drinks, and fruit juices; a broad categorization of these products and substances is provided in the lower section. Well-seasoned and innovative trademark lawyers of our Delhi-based IPR law firm not only support the Indian and international registrations of these class 32 trademarks, but also the trademarks and service marks covered in the 45 classes of nice classification, to help Indian and global people and entities. Again, not only trademarks, our intellectual property lawyer offers the full-range of legal services for all other categories of intellectual property, right from creation and registration to protection and infringement litigation.

Class 32 Beers and Beverages

The types of light beverages and substances which are classified under the class 32 beers and beverages, are the following:
  • Various Non-Alcoholic Drinks and Light Beverages
  • Beers and Brewery Products
  • Different Non-Dairy Milks and Beverages
  • Various Fruit Drinks and Juices
  • Mineral and Aerated Waters
  • And diverse Preparations for making Beverages

Readers should must keep in mind that, the following beverages and drinks are not classified under the class 32 beers and beverages, for the purposes of the international registrations of the related trademarks --- beverages made of dairy milk (trademark class 29), beverages which use coffee or cocoa as base substance (trademark class 30), and medical or medicinal beverages (trademark class 5).

In India, registrations of these and other classes of trademarks are made with the five regional offices of trademark registry, strictly as per the Trade Marks Act of 1999 and the Trade Marks Rules of 2002, including all the amendments made thereto so far. On the other hand, to expand businesses of these beverages and light non-alcoholic drinks, the international registrations of these trademarks may be made under one or all treaties like the TRIPS Agreement, Berne or Paris Convention, Madrid Protocol, and the European Union Trade Marks (EUTM).

Just call over: +91-8800-100-281; or mail relevant queries or problems at: ; for registering newly invented trademark under the trademark class 32 in India or abroad.