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Trademark Class 21

The discrete trademark class 21 is the grand class which relates to the trademarks used in the businesses of all those goods and products that are kept under the class 21 of the Nice classification. This class is one of the 45 classes of nice classification which are commonly used as reference for categorization of trademarks and service marks of various economic fields, in connection with the international registrations of these. This class 21 is exclusively associated with various kitchen utensils, household appliances, and glass products. This rich and very useful web-article provides information about the goods and objects contained in the class 21 of trademarks, and our expert and expeditious legal services for Indian and international registrations of all trademarks related with the businesses of these all goods and products.

Well-read, well-seasoned, and innovative trademark lawyers of ours fast thriving and internationally renowned IPR law firm of Delhi, are well-versed in supporting trademark registrations in entire India and under all major international treaties and conventions related with trademarks and other IPR. Well-served by them have been the TRIPS Agreement of WTO, European Union Trade Marks (EUTM), the Madrid Protocol of WIPO, and the Berne or Paris Convention, for international registrations of the bulk of the classes of the nice classification. Not only trademarks and service marks, all other categories of the intellectual property are adroitly served by our intellectual property lawyers, right from the creation and registration to maintenance and protection in India and countries worldwide.

Class 21 Household Appliances and Glass Products

Under the vast sphere of class 21 household appliances and glass products, contained in are the following appliances, apparatuses, and objects:
  • Cookware, Tableware, and Containers
  • Various Household Glassware and Barware
  • Bathroom Articles and Toilet Utensils
  • Gardening Apparatuses
  • Cleaning Brushes and Implements
  • Combs and Sponges
  • Statues and Figurines made of Glass and other non-metallic materials
  • Dustbins
  • Utensils for Pets and Animals
  • Implements for Pest and Vermin Control
  • And, many other household appliances and implements and glass products

Readers are kindly informed here that the trademarks associated with the businesses of the following apparatuses, appliances, and objects, do not relate to the class 21 trademarks, for the registration purposes ---- power-driven small household apparatuses for mean activities (trademark class 7), electric cooking apparatuses and utensils (trademark class 11), implements for shaving, manicure, pedicure, etc. (trademark class 8), toilet mirrors (trademark class 20), and soaps and other cleaning preparations (trademark class 3).

People or companies involved in the businesses of various household appliances and glass products, may readily call at: +91-8800-100-281; or send their queries and mails to: for getting their respective trademark registered anywhere in India or the world.