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Trademark Class 25

One of the 45 classes of Nice classification, is the trademark class 25, which is globally distinct for encompassing diverse trademarks relating to the businesses of various apparels and cloth items. This class 25 of trademarks is especially significant in connection with the registrations of trademarks related with these objects and items at international levels worldwide. The Nice classification is nothing but an internationally and globally recognized classification of goods and services, which forms the basis of assigning certain classes to the trademarks and service marks used in various economic sectors. This classification is updated regularly by the WIPO in every five-year period, to incorporate refinements made in the interregnum.

This web-article contains very useful and fertile information about the international and Indian registrations of all various class 25 trademarks, and also about the specialties of the legal services of ours law firm of India in connection with these registrations. Well-based in Delhi, our well-resourced and internationally reputed IPR law firm is regarded as one of the fastest progressing and leading IPR law firms of India. All diverse categories of intellectual property have been covered by expert, economical, and responsible legal services of our highly reliable firm. Many lawyers of our law firm have achieved international repute, by dint of their efficient and excellent legal services related with IPRs.

Class 25 Apparels and Clothing

All recently invented trademarks pertaining to various items of clothes, clothing, and apparels can be registered with adroit support of our well-informed and veteran trademark lawyers under the class 25 apparels and clothing in India and countries worldwide. These trademarks may relate to the following three broad categories of apparels, clothing, and cloth items:
  • The extensive and varied world of Clothes and Clothing
  • Various Items made of Clothes and used in Footwear
  • Various Headgear made of Clothes

In addition, people or companies interested/engaged in the businesses of these goods and objects in India or abroad, may receive our expert and innovative support from creation, trademark search, prosecution, and registration of these trademarks of class 25, under any regional trademark registry office of India, or any targeted international trademark treaty. Our mellow and vibrant trademark attorneys help in registrations of trademarks under the following international treaties/conventions ---- TRIPS Agreement, Berne Convention, Madrid Protocol, and the European Union Trade Marks (EUTM). In general, our legal services for trademarks cover the tasks of trademark registrations, trademark renewals, trademark oppositions, trademark prosecutions for different objectives, trademark watch and monitoring, and trademark infringement litigations.

People or companies active in the fields of class 25 apparels and clothing in India or abroad, may promptly call over: +91-8800-100-281; or send a mail to:; for getting their newly invented trademarks registered in India or under any of the above-mentioned international treaties.