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Trademark or Service Mark Class 42

One of very significant and glamorous classes of the Nice classification is the service mark class 42, in connection with the international registrations of service marks. This class 42 of service marks is specified in the applications for registrations of the service marks which are used in the services related with computers, scientific and technological services, and legal services. Here it may also be just mentioned that the Nice classification is an immensely significant classification of goods and services for the purpose of the international registrations of the trademarks and service marks employed in various economic sectors.

Written carefully and generously, this web-article provides very profitable information about the registrations of class 42 service marks in entire India and at the international levels worldwide, through expert and efficient support of our adept and renowned trademark lawyers. The law firm of ours is located in Delhi and is regarded as one of the hugely famous and leading IPR law firms of India. Our erudite, well-seasoned, and innovative intellectual property lawyers and litigators provide the complete range of legal services for each and every category of intellectual property to Indian and global people and occupational entities. Here, only the class 42 of nice classification is informed about.

Class 42 Computer, Scientific and Legal Services

The gamut of class 42 is extensive enough to cover various services which relate with computer hardware and software, sciences and technologies, information technology, and law. The following are broad categories of services kept under the class 42 computer, scientific and legal services, to distinguish these from services in other classes:
  • Information Technology (IT) Services
  • Services pertaining to Computer Hardware and Software
  • Engineering Services
  • Natural Science Services
  • Earth Science Services
  • Scientific and Technological Services
  • Medical and Pharmacological Research Services
  • Services for Industrial Analysis and Research
  • Surveying and Exploration Services
  • Legal Services
  • Urban Planning and Architectural Services
  • Designing Services
  • Web Hosting and Maintenance Services
  • Rental of Computer Hardware and Software Facilities
  • IT Consultancy and Information Services
  • IT security and Protection Services
  • Testing, Certification, and Quality Control Services
  • Data Duplication, Conversion, and Coding Services

Very securing is here to note that the following services are not kept under this class 42 science and technology services ---- installation and repairing of computer hardware (service mark class 37), medical and veterinary services (service mark class 44), computer file management services (service mark class 35), mining and oil extraction (service mark class 37), financial and fiscal assessments (service mark class 36), and business research and evaluation services (service mark class 35).

For registrations in entire India, relevant are the five trademark registry offices, located in Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, and Chennai. On the other hand, the international registrations of these class 42 service marks are made under one or more of the following --- TRIPS Agreement, Madrid Protocol, EUTM, and the Paris Convention.

Just call over: +91-8800-100-281; or send relevant queries of mails to:; for getting any newly invented service mark pertaining to class 42 services registered swiftly in India or abroad.