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Service Mark Class 43

This service mark class 43 is one of the eleven classes of the Nice classification, and is exclusively related with various services offered by the hotels and restaurants in general. Thus, this class is no other than the class 43 of nice classification, which is a classification of goods and services recognized globally. For selecting appropriate class for registering a trademark or service mark especially at the international level, this classification is essentially referred to. It may also be noted here that this international classification of goods and services of various economic sectors, is regularly updated by WIPO in every five-year period to incorporate refinements made in the interregnum.

Very useful and profitable information about prompt registrations of all newly created service marks belonging to the class 43 of service marks, in India and nations worldwide is given in this well-drafted web-article. Getting these Indian and international registrations of service marks, is rather easy, fast, and cheap with support of our reputed and veteran trademark lawyers. Our law firm of Delhi (India) is one of the widely famous and leading IPR law firms of India which possesses an experience of around a decade in providing various legal services related with all categories of intellectual property. Naturally, all 45 classes of nice classification are sweepingly covered by the services of them.

Class 43 Hotel and Restaurant Services

Broadly, the wide gamut of class 43 hotel and restaurant services covers the following diverse services:
  • Temporary Accommodation Facilities and Services by Hotels and Boarding Houses
  • Food and Drink Services to People
  • Catering Services for Events and Functions
  • Facilities for Events and Functions, Temporary Office, Meetings and Conferences, etc.
  • Reservation Services in Hotels by Travel Agents for Tourists
  • Rental of Furniture, Linens, and diverse Table Settings and Decorations
  • Nurseries, Day-care and Elderly Care Facilities

Percipient readers should note here that the following services are not classified under the class 43 services of the Nice classification ---- discotheque services (service mark class 41), travel services (service mark class 39), rental services for real estate (service mark class 36), services offered by the boarding schools (service mark class 41), services rendered by the respite and convalescent homes (service mark class 44), and services for preserving foods and drinks (service mark class 40).

The international registrations of class 43 service marks are to be performed under the TRIPS Agreement, Paris Convention, EUTM, or the Madrid Protocol, based on the business requirements of the applicants. And, for registrations of these in India, resorted to the five trademark offices and the Trade Marks Act of 1999 and the Trade Marks Rules of 2002.

Interested people or companies just require to call over: +91-8800-100-281; or mail their respective queries or problems to:; for availing our expert and expeditious services for registrations of class 43 service marks in India or abroad.