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Tradmark Class 4

The class 4 of the Nice classification is also referred to as the trademark class 4, in connection with registration of a related trademark especially at the international level. The Nice classification is actually an internationally accepted classification of goods and services for giving reference (to anyone or more of its broad classes) while filing an application for trademark registration in any foreign country. This means that all trademarks related with the businesses of the goods and products kept under the class 4 of nice classification, are registered under the trademark class 4 in India and countries worldwide.

The goods and products which are kept under this class 4, are listed below. Our trademark lawyers, who are well-read and extensively experienced, offer comprehensive and expert support for registrations of all trademarks related with the goods and products of this class 4, at the Indian and international levels. For registration of trademarks in foreign countries, the most significant treaties and conventions related with are the following ---- Madrid Protocol of WIPO, TRIPS Agreement of WTO, Berne or Paris Convention, and the Community Trademark of European Union. Each of these treaties or conventions has numerous foreign countries as parties or members.

Class 4 Lubricants and Fuels

The class 4 of trademarks has been assigned exclusively to the trademarks associated with the businesses of diverse lubricants, greases, industrial oils, fuels and fuel products, and illuminants. Hence, these are also referred to the class 4 lubricants and fuels, to distinguish these from others. Broadly, the following substances and products have been kept in the class 4 of the globally recognized Nice classification:
  • Various Lubricants and Industrial Oils
  • Greases for diverse purposes
  • Fuels, Bio-fuels, and Fuel substances
  • Candles, Wicks, and Illuminants
  • Firewood and Wood Briquettes
  • Dust Absorbing, Wetting, and Binding Compositions
  • Electrical Energy
  • Oils used for the preservation of Leathers or Masonry
  • Non-chemical fuel Additives
  • Christmas Tree Candles

In case your newly trademark relates only partially to any of the products or substances specified above, then while filing the application for trademark registration, your need to mention some coordinated classes also. The most likely coordinated classes to trademark class 4 could be the following --- trademark class 1, related with chemicals; service mark class 37, pertaining to construction and repair services; and service mark class 42, belonging to science and technology services.

To register a trademark coming under the class 4 of Nice classification and all other classes of this, in India or abroad, the concerned people or companies may readily call at: +91-8800-100-281; or just send a mail to: