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Trademark/ Service Mark Class 39

The service mark class 39 covers services related with transportation of people and goods, storage and warehousing of goods and products, and shipping and tourism. Hence, all various service marks associated with these services are registered, especially at the international levels, under this class 39 of service marks, including the Indian registrations of these. This class 39 is none other than the class 39 of nice classification, which is a globally recognized classification of goods and services in connection with the international registrations of the trademarks and service marks related with all those goods and services.

This web-article offers very informative and useful information regarding the prompt and cheaply-charged registrations of all various newly created class 39 service marks in entire India and countries worldwide. Veteran and punctilious trademark lawyers of ours IPR law firm of Delhi are well-verse in escorting these registrations for over a decade. Not only this class 39, trademarks and service marks which belong to all other 44 classes of the Nice classification, are also well-served by them. Also, starting from help in the creation of these marks, they support expertly registrations, renewals, oppositions, and infringement litigations related with these all marks in India and abroad. Lastly, all other categories of the intellectual property are also served by our intellectual property lawyers, to make ours IPR law firm one of the most reliable and leading IPR law firms of India.

Trademark Class 39 Transportation and Storage Services

The gamut of this class 39 transportation and storage services is rather wide, and covers the following broad categories of services:
  • Transportation services by Road, Rail, Water, and Air
  • Freight and Cargo Transportation and Unloading Services
  • Loading and Unloading of Goods
  • Distribution by Pipeline and Cable
  • Packaging and Storage of Diverse Goods and Products
  • Rental Services related with diverse Means of Transportation
  • Mail Delivery and Courier Services
  • Rescue, Recovery, Towing, and Salvage of vehicles and Vessels
  • Parking and Vehicle Storage, Mooring, etc.
  • Services for Sightseeing, Tour Guide, and Excursion
  • And, other Services related with Travel and Shipping, and Warehousing of Goods.

But, readers here must note that, the following services are not classified under this class 39 --- services related with transportation for advertising (service mark class 35), service for getting reservation in a hotel by a travel agent (service mark class 43), travel insurance services (service mark class 36), service for issuance of the letter of credit by a travel agent (service mark class 36), and services for the maintenance and repairs of vehicles (service mark class 37).

For registrations of these service marks in foreign countries worldwide, concerned are the following international legislations, one or more of which are selected depending upon the varying business requirements ---- TRIPS Agreement, Paris Convention, European Union Trade Marks (EUTM), and the Madrid Protocol of WIPO. Here, it may be noted that, the Indian registrations of these service marks are performed under the five zonal office of the trademark registry; the relevant office is selected based on the location of the applicant.

Just call over: +91-8800-100-281; or mail problems or queries to:; for availing flawless and fast registrations of recently created service marks under the class 39, in India or abroad.