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Trademark/ Service Mark Class 40

This service mark class 40 relates with various services for the treatment of materials using mechanical and chemical processes. This class is no other than the class 40 of nice classification which is governed and updated by WIPO. The Nice (France) classification is nothing but an intelligent classification of goods and services produced in various sectors of economy, which is used for registering trademarks and service marks used in these sectors at the international levels worldwide.

This scrupulously well-drafted webpage offers very productive and precious information about the perfect and promptest registrations of all class 40 service marks in India and countries worldwide, depending upon the business requirements of the clients. In doing this, up-to-date and punctilious trademark lawyers of our Delhi-based IPR law firm are well-versed, for past a decade. All 45 classes of nice classification are served by ours one of the hugely popular and leading IPR law firms of India. Moreover, all other categories of the intellectual property are also served by our veteran and innovative intellectual property lawyers. At the time of writing this webpage, millions of people and companies, which are located in India and countries worldwide, have received our top-notch and reasonably-charged IPR services (informative, advisory, and transactional services).

Trademark Class 40 Material Treatment Services

The following broad and distinct services come under the class 40 material treatment services, for the purposes of registrations of the service marks used in the businesses of those at the international as well as Indian levels:
  • Treatment and Transformation of Materials through Mechanical or Chemical Processes
  • Recycling of Materials, and Waste Treatment Services
  • Treatment Services for Textiles, Leather, Fur, etc.
  • Customized Manufacturing and Services for Assemblage
  • Production of Power and Energy, and Rental of Machineries and Equipments
  • Air and Water Conditioning and Purification
  • Food and Beverage Treatment
  • Duplication of Audio and Video Recordings
  • Slaughtering of Animals

Noteworthy here is the fact that the repairing services are classified into the service mark class 37.

In India, registrations under the class 40 of service marks are performed under the five grand offices of trademark registry, and according to the rules and provisions given in the Trade Marks Act of 1999 and the Trade Marks Rules of 2002. On the other hand, at the international levels worldwide, these are registered under one or more of the following international legislations on trademarks ---- the TRIPS Agreement of WTO, European Union Trade Marks (EUTM), Paris Convention, and the Madrid Protocol of WIPO.

To get Indian and/or International registrations under the service mark class 40, the concerned people and companies may call over: +91-8800-100-281; or cast queries or mails at: .