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Trademark Class 19

The trademark class 19 is nothing other than the class 19 of the Nice classification of goods and services, administered by WIPO. This Nice (France) classification of goods and services is used worldwide, in connection with the international as well as the domestic registrations of trademarks and service marks pertaining to various economic sectors. The class 19 of nice classification is referred to for the international registrations of all those trademarks which are related with the businesses of various non-metallic building materials and objects. This web-article offers very useful information about the registration of class 19 trademarks in India and countries worldwide.

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Class 19 Non-Metallic Building Materials

The extensive range of the class 19 non-metallic building materials covers the following goods, objects, and substances, which are commonly used in construction and repairing of concrete structures and buildings:
  • Non-metallic Structures and Scaffoldings
  • Gates, Doors, Windows, etc., made of materials other than Metals
  • Non-metallic Pipes, Tubes, Fittings, etc.
  • Stone, Clay, Rock, and Minerals
  • Transportable Buildings of Non-metallic materials
  • Statues, Monuments, etc., made of Concrete, Marble, Stone, etc.
  • Wood and Artificial Wood
  • Non-metallic materials finding usage in Railways
  • Tar, Pitch, Asphalt, and Bitumen
  • Non-metallic Hoardings and Displays
  • And, other Non-metallic Building Materials

Percipient readers of this article are kindly further informed that, the trademarks associated with the businesses of the following materials and preparations, are not registered under this class 19 of trademarks ---- fire-proofing preparations (trademark class 1); cement preservatives and cement water-proofing preparations (trademark class 1).

Entrepreneurs or entities engaged in the business of various non-metallic building materials, may promptly call over: +91-8800-100-281; or forward their relevant queries or mail to:; for getting their respective trademark registered in India or under any targeted foreign countries.