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Trademark Class 16

The trademark class 16 is none other than the class 16 of the Nice classification of global approval, which is based on the Nice Agreement of 1957. Serving as the sole basis for registration of trademarks and service-marks at international levels worldwide for doing businesses in various economic sectors, this international classification of goods and services is governed and updated regularly by WIPO in every five years. This particular webpage presents hugely useful and exclusive information about the registration of trademarks pertaining to the goods and products classified under the class 16 of nice classification in India and abroad, along with giving lapidary information about our ace and swift legal services for these purposes.

The class 16 of trademarks is related with the businesses of all the goods and products which are kept in the class 16 of the Nice classification; the section below enlists these diverse goods and products. Depending upon the business requirements or growth strategies the trademarks pertaining to these goods and products are registered in many foreign countries, besides the domestic registration of these. The trademark lawyers of our full-fledged and internationally prominent IPR law firm of Delhi offer legal service and consultancy for registration and protection of trademarks and service-marks of all 45 classes at the Indian and international levels. At the international level, the treaties and conventions which can be served by them are the TRIPS Agreement, European Union Trade Mark (EUTM), Berne or Paris Convention, and the Madrid Protocol.

Class 16 Goods & Products related with Paper and Printing

The breadth of class 16 goods & products related with paper and printing is rather wide and covers the following various things:
  • Stationery and Educational Supplies
  • Printed Educational Materials
  • Printed Matters
  • Decoration and Art Materials, and Media
  • Disposable Paper Products
  • Printing and Bookbinding Equipments and Materials
  • Office Machines
  • Writing and Stamping Implements
  • Stationery and Industrial Paper and Cardboards
  • Bags and Articles for Packaging, Wrapping, and Storage of Paper, Cardboard or Plastics
  • Works of Art and Figurines of Paper and Cardboard, and Architects' Models
  • French Curves
  • Photographs, Photo Albums, and Collectors' Albums
  • Adhesives for Stationary or Household Purposes
  • Correcting and Erasing Implements
  • Paint Brushes
  • Arts, Crafts, and Modeling Equipments and Implements
  • Filtering Materials of Paper

Readers are kindly informed here that the trademarks associated with the business of the following goods and objects are not registered under the class 16 trademarks in India and under all international treaties mentioned above --- colors (trademark class 2), and hand tools used by artists (Trademark class 8).

To avail our brisk and the best legal services for registering any new trademark under the class 16 in India or any of the above-mentioned international bodies, please call at: +91-8800-100-281; or send a mail to: .