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Certification Marks in India

As India is one of the major and fast-progressing economies of the world, it has a rather comprehensive system for product certifications, pertaining to various economic sectors. These certification marks serve to authenticate the related products to help and secure the customers or consumers of those products. Please see other webpage of this internationally famous legal website for a proper definition of the certification mark.

This webpage is going to present very useful information about various most prominent certification marks in india, along with our expert and efficient services for registration of the desired certification marks to help the concerned companies and industries. Here, it may be noted that our punctilious and generous IPR law firm of Delhi offers just reasonably-charged legal and supportive services to Indian and foreign clients. The following are the most famous, prestigious, and governmentally recommended certification marks used in India in various economic fields:

  • BIS Hallmark
  • ISI Mark
  • FPO Mark
  • Non-Polluting Vehicle Mark
  • India Organic
  • Eco Mark or Ecomark

Lapidary information about each of all above-listed eminent certification marks made mandatory in India, is provided on the relevant webpage of this website.

Registration Services for Certification Marks in India

Our expert and expeditious registration services for certification marks in india are extended by well-informed, well-experienced, and veteran lawyers. These services are readily and cheaply available for all above-mentioned types of certification marks used in india, to help and secure the concerned economic entities located all across India.

It may be noted that the issuing governmental agencies are different for different certification marks; and therefore, for registration of the desired certification mark, concerned is the relevant governmental agency separately. However, the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) alone is responsible for issuing the following certification marks in India --- BIS Hallmark, ISI Mark, and Eco Mark. Depending upon specific requirement, the concerned company or industry may avail our registration services.

All tasks involved in the entire process of registration of the specified certification mark, are performed adroitly by our veteran, innovative, and punctilious lawyers. During around last one decade, numerous entrepreneurs, companies, and industries have utilized our services for making their respective products duly recognized, authentic, and fully safe to their customers or consumers of India and abroad.

To harness our efficient, expert, and economical services for registration of the desired certification marks in India, interested entities may readily ring over: +91-8800-100-281; or send their queries or orders to: