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3D Trade Marks (Three-Dimensional Trademark)

Three-Dimensional (3D) Trademarks are now also becoming popular in India and countries worldwide, mainly to make the products readily distinctive, more striking and impressive, overcome business competition, and to meet certain inevitable requirements of the products. This webpage gives very informative and useful info about the 3D trademarks and our expert services for registration of these in India.

The registration services for 3D trademarks in india are separately described in the lower section on this well-drafted and very beneficial webpage. Here, necessary clarifying information is being presented about the characteristics of a 3D trademark, to help interested companies and industries. Let me start the topic with answer to the question "what is a three-dimensional (3D) trademark?", for lucid understanding of the readers.

A three-dimensional trademark is the non-conventional trademark which makes use of the three-dimensional shape of a product or its package/container to achieve distinction in the concerned jurisdictional marketplace. Hence, being clearly distinguishing by shape or long-time usage is the paramount requirement of a 3D trademark, besides the quality of being represented graphically. Example of such 3D trademarks are the contour of a Coca-Cola bottle, shape of the Zippo Lighter, the 3D shape of the Super Cub Scooter of Honda, or the Toblerone packaging. Besides the registration services for three-dimensional trademarks in india and abroad, our well-informed, veteran, and innovative trademark lawyers also offer counsel for creation of a 3D trademark for doing business in the interested economic field.

Three Dimensional (3D) Trademark Registration in India

The procedure for three dimensional (3D) trademark registration in india is almost same as that for the normal two-dimensional trademarks, with just few additional requirements in case of the 3D trademarks. In general, the following are the main tasks associated with registration of a 3D trademark anywhere in India:

  • Conceptualization and designing of a 3D trademark
  • Conducting critical trademark search across all Indian trademark databases to verify and ensure originality and uniqueness of the same
  • Filing online the application of registration with the immediately concerned regional office of trademark registry in the new Form TM-A, along with the prescribed fees and demanded documents. This application must contain a conspicuous statement that, the mark filed for registration is a 3D shape mark.
  • A description by words of the filed shape mark, relevance of the chosen colors, and info about the first use of the shape mark in business or advertising, are also to be submitted.
  • Submitting two-dimensional graphic or photographic representation of the proposed shape mark for registration in many different views (five or more), or preferably a specimen of the shape mark.
  • Satisfying the concerned trademark examiner/registrar regarding ready registrability of the filed shape mark
  • Tackling any trademark opposition
  • Extending expert prosecution for trademark registration
  • Lastly, getting the certificate of trademark registration.

To receive our expert, efficient, and economical services for registration of three-dimensional trademarks in India or abroad, interested entrepreneurs and companies may readily call over: +91-8800-100-281; or send their queries or orders to: