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Agricultural, Horticultural and Forestry Products/Goods and Services - Trademark & Service Mark

India has been an immensely famous and significant country in the whole world in respect of various agricultural, horticultural and forestry products and services, owing to its rich and varied geographical resources, agrarian culture, technological developments, regular and fast economic growth, etc. Currently, India ranks among the top five largest producers and exporters of the majority of these goods and products in entire world. In 2014-15, India exported various agricultural and processed food products worth US$ 21.5 billion, the bulk part of which were cereals and animal products. The importers of Indian agricultural, horticultural, and forestry goods and products are over 100 in number and are spread the world over, the majority of these importer countries belong to the Southeast Asia, Middle East, European Union, SAARC nations, and North America.

Today, these three broad segments of agriculture & allied activities, horticulture, and forestry collectively account for around 15% of the national GDP of India, and over 13% of the total exports from India. Each of these three segments is rather broad in scope and covers a wide range of goods, products, and services. Collectively, the various goods and products of top importance associated with these three segments are the following ---- food grains and pulses, milk and milk products, processed food items, meat and poultry, food and fibrous crops, spices, fruits, vegetables, roots and tubers, oils, nuts and plantation products, flowers, herbs, seeds, wood and non-wood forest products, aromatic substances, livestock, fish, etc. Thus, these segments are undoubtedly vital, demographically the broadest (employing around 60% of Indian population), and play an immensely significant role in the overall socio-economic fabric of the country.

For past many years, the Indian agricultural and allied fields (including forestry and fisheries) maintained an annual growth rate of over 4%, while the horticultural segment grew greater to make India the second largest producer of horticultural products in the whole world after China in the year 2013. In future also, these segments are to maintain such growth, boosted by factors like growing population and increasing food and nutritional needs; rising incomes of people; expansion in food processing field; global demands of theses goods and products; technological advancements; rising trend of organic farming; etc. In general, the agricultural and allied fields alone account for over 10% of the total exports from India.

Trademark Registration for Agricultural, Horticultural and Forestry Products or Goods

Based in Delhi, our one of the most popular and leading IPR law firms of India, has been extending expert and cheaply-charged legal services related with the trademark registration for agricultural, horticultural and forestry products for around a decade, to Indian and foreign people and companies. Today, our brisk and masterly brand name and logo registration services are rather popular in places all across India, under all 45 classes of the Nice classification. Besides these services, our veteran and innovative trademark lawyers also offer all other services associated with maintenance and protection of trademarks and service marks in India and abroad.

Here, only the trademark application filing services for trademarks and service marks related with the agricultural, horticultural, and forestry products and services are described. In India and abroad, the registration of the trademarks related with these goods and products are registered under the following broad class of the Nice classification:

Class-31: Agricultural, Horticultural and Forestry Products and Grains not included in other Classes, Fresh Fruits and Vegetables; Seeds, Natural Plants and Flowers

For doing business at regional or national levels in entire India, these trademarks of Indian and foreign people and companies are registered with the five zonal offices of trademark registry of India, strictly as per the Trade Marks Act of 1999 and the Trade Marks Rules of 2002. The punctilious and generous trademark lawyers of ours prestigious IPR law firm of India undertake all tasks associated with any such registration, including the free trademark name and logo search across the Indian trademark databases.

Service Mark Registration for Agricultural, Horticultural and Forestry Services

The above-specified services are also provided for the service mark registration for agricultural, horticultural and forestry services, to help Indian and foreign entities in entire India. All various services associated with these economic segments are comprehensively covered. But, these service mark registrations will be made under the following class of the Nice classification

Class-44: - Agricultural, Horticultural and Forestry Services

Again, in order to support the international businesses of Indian people and companies engaged in these fields, our trademark lawyers of international fame and experience also offer the services for registrations of their respective trademarks or service marks under any or more of the international legislations ---- TRIPS Agreement, Madrid Protocol, Paris Convention, and the European Union Trade Marks (EUTM).

Our other advisory and transactional services for trademarks and service marks include trademark oppositions, trademark protection and renewal, trademark prosecutions, trademark infringement litigations, etc.

To get any newly invented trademarks or service marks associated with various agricultural, horticultural, or forestry goods/services promptly registered in India, Indian or foreign people or companies may call over: +91-8800-100-281; or send their queries or mails at: