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Cosmetic Products and Goods Trademark Services

The beauty and cosmetics industry of India is a remarkably progressive sector with immense growth potential in future years. During the last decade, this industry grew by leaps and bounds with a compound annual growth rate of more than 5%. Today, the market size of this beauty and cosmetics industry of India stands at over USD 950 million, and this industry is maintaining an annual growth rate between 15-20%, according to a report published by the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII). This rate of growth is almost twice the growth rate of this sector in the US and European markets. Again, according to industry experts, this booming beauty and cosmetics industry of India holds the potential to reach the level of around USD 2.70 billion by the year 2020. Hence, the prospects of doing a secure and very lucrative business in the sector of cosmetic products and goods in India is rather bright and promising.

This web-article gives hugely beneficial information regarding the cosmetic products and goods trademark services, especially for doing business in these fields anywhere in entire India. For around a decade, our fast thriving and internationally prominent IPR law firm of Delhi has been rather popular especially for prompt and perfect brand name and logo registrations in India pertaining to all 45 classes of the Nice classification.

Trademark (Brand) Name and Logo Registration for Cosmetics Goods and Products

The range of cosmetic goods and products is rather extensive to cover various products and preparations for care and beauty of skin, face, and the entire body; hair care and hair removing products; oral care products; and essential oils and perfumes; to name a few. This section gives exclusive information about the trademark (brand) name and logo registration for cosmetics goods and products in India and abroad. The trademarks used in the businesses of various cosmetic products and goods are registered under the following class of the Nice classification in India and countries worldwide:

Class 3: Cosmetics Goods and Products

The various tasks or steps involved in the entire procedure for registering any newly created trademark related with these cosmetic goods and products anywhere in entire India, are separately listed in the section just below. The laws relevant for the trademark registration of these goods and products in India, are the following ---- the Trade Marks Act of 1999, and the Trade Marks Rules of 2002, including all amendments made thereto so far. On the other hand, for international registrations of these trademarks, concerned are one or more of the following treaties or conventions ---- the TRIPS Agreement, Paris Convention, Madrid Protocol, and the European Union Trade Marks (EUTM).

How to Register Trademark for Cosmetic Goods and Products in India?

For ready reference and help to interested people, being given is very useful information about how to register trademark for cosmetic goods and products in india, for doing a secure and profitable business anywhere in entire India. Our veteran and efficient trademark lawyers provide expert support to clients during the whole registration process, along with offering the service of free trademark search, to enhance their satisfaction.

Broadly, the following are main and major steps involved in the entire procedure for registration of newly created trademarks and service-marks in India:
  • Mature and expert guidance for creation of any unique trademark or service-mark
  • Trademark Search for verification of indubitable distinctiveness of the newly created mark, through the trademark databases of India
  • Procedural trademark application filing with the relevant zonal trademark registry office of India
  • Responding to questions of the trademark examiner/registrar, and thus, satisfying them
  • Tackling the possible cases of Trademark Opposition
  • Offering efficient Trademark Prosecution for perfect and brisk registration
  • Lastly, getting the certificate of Trademark Registration.

Here, it may also be noted that our IPR law firm of India offers all other legal services related with trademarks and service-marks, besides the service for trademark registration in India and abroad.

Company Name Registration for Cosmetics Goods and Products Industry

Along with efficient, masterly, and reasonably-charged legal services related will all various objects of intellectual property, our well-resources and hugely popular IPR law firm of India also extends prompt services for registrations of diverse companies in entire India. All most popular types of companies can readily and cheaply be registered with well-rounded support of our mellow and proficient company lawyers. The types of companies which can be registered with adroit help of them are the following --- One Person Companies (OPCs); Partnership Firms; Private Limited Companies; Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) companies; Public Limited Companies; Joint Ventures (JVs); Wholly-owned Subsidiaries of foreign companies; Branch Offices of foreign companies; etc.

Hence, also for the company name registration for cosmetics goods and products industry, our prestigious IPR law firm of Delhi is a perfect and reliable choice to Indian and foreign people and companies. For registration of any of the desired type of company for doing business in the sector of cosmetic goods and products anywhere in India, concerned either is the Companies Act of 2013 or the LLP Act of 2008. All tasks involved in the whole process of company incorporation in any part of India, are expeditiously performed by our well-informed and vibrant company lawyers of high repute.

To obtain our ace and efficient trademark registration services or company registration services anywhere in whole India, concerned Indian or foreign people or companies may just call over: +91-8800-100-281; or send their respective queries or problems to: