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Trademark or Service Mark Registration for Transport and Travel Arrangement Services

Transportation and travel arrangement services are classified under the Class 39 of the Nice classification, and hence, the service marks related with these services are registered under this class 39 in India and abroad. This webpage, which has been written very scrupulously and generously, offers concise information about fast and cheaply-charged trademark or service mark registration for transport and travel arrangement services in entire India. Not only these services, all other services encompassed by the class 39 are also covered by our service mark registration services in entire India and also in countries abroad. Broadly, the services covered by this class are the following

Class 39: Transportation Services; Travel Arrangement Services; Storage Services for Goods & Products

The law firm of ours which is well-based in Delhi, has been very famous for brand name and logo registration services and company registration services for nearly a decade, and has thereby served numerous people and companies for doing business in entire India. Today, our prestigious and highly innovative law firm is regarded as being one of the most famous and leading IPR law firms of India, owing to its efficient, expert, and reasonably charged IPR services to Indian and foreign people/entities in entire India.

How to Get Service Mark (Trademark/Brand) Name and Logo Registration for Transport and Travel Arrangement Services

Provided under this section is exclusive information regarding how to get service mark (trademark/brand) name and logo registration for transport and travel arrangement services in any desired part of India, with expeditious and excellent support of our internationally famed trademark lawyers. Noteworthy, here also is the fact that our punctilious and benevolent IPR law firm of Delhi offers the services of free trademark search to those Indian and foreign clients who avail our services for trademark registration under various classes in the desired regions of India.

Based on the location of the service-providing company, selected is any of the five regional offices of trademark registry, with which the task of trademark application filing will be made. This, and other necessary tasks or processes involved in the entire procedure for service mark registration are performed comprehensively by our veteran trademark lawyers as per the provisions and rules given in the Trade Marks Act of 1999 and the Trade Marks Rules of 2002. In general, the tasks or steps covered in the whole process of registration are the following:

  • Creation of an original and distinct service mark
  • Ascertaining its uniqueness through trademark search
  • Filing the application (in Form TM-1) for registration
  • Responding promptly to and satisfying the concerned trademark registrar/examiner
  • Pacifying or combating probable cases of trademark opposition
  • Offering necessary trademark prosecution for the best possible registration
  • And, then, getting the certificate of registration.

Company Name Registration for Transport and Travel Arrangement Services

Brisk and flawless company name registration for transport and travel arrangement services, is also available with our well-resourced law firm of Delhi, in addition to the services for registration of the service marks related with these services. Any desired type of company may readily with set up with expert support of our company lawyer for providing any of these services in any place of India.

The following types of companies may briskly be incorporated with comprehensive help of our company lawyers for providing these services in any targeted region of India: ---- One Person Company [OPC], Private Limited Company, Partnership Firm, Public Limited Company, Limited Liability Partnership [LLP] Company, and entities of foreign companies or investors in India. Depending upon the selected type of company, applicable will be the provisions and rules of either the Companies Act of 2013 or the LLP Act of 2008.

Interested person or company of India or abroad in providing any of these class 39 services in any place of India, my avail our fast and flawless services for service mark registration as well as company incorporation, just through calling over: +91-8800-100-281; or sending relevant queries or mail to: