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Trademark or Service Mark Registration for Hotels and Restaurants Services

The segment of services provided by the Hotels and Restaurants is vital and very significant in the broad hospitality sector of any country. The importance of these services is undoubtedly rather high in a vast country like India, and therefore, our well-established and punctilious IPR law firm of India essentially extends the full gamut of legal services associated with the establishment of hotels and restaurants and the services provided by these to Indian and international people. But here in this web-article, informed only are our services for trademark or service mark registration for hotels and restaurants services, to help Indian and foreign people and investors in doing business in the hospitality sector of India.

Here, it may also be noted that, the hospitality sector of India is rather vast and varied, and has been constantly growing fast with steady economic progress and growth of the country, and ever-growing international tourism in India. Hence, the hospitality sector of India is certainly one of the fast-progressive and lucrative economic sectors for investments by Indian and foreign people and investors.

How to Get Service Mark (Trademark/Brand) Name and Logo Registrations for Hotels and Restaurants Services

Our erudite and up-to-date trademark lawyers offer the service of service mark registration for all various services provided by hotels and restaurants and other such establishments like food corners, fast food centers, etc. The services provided by these entities of the hospitality sector are registered under the following class of the Nice classification: ----

Class 43: Hotels and Restaurants Services; Services for providing Food and Drink; Temporary Accommodation

Now in paragraphs below, provided is brief information regarding how to get service mark (trademark/brand) name and logo registrations for hotels and restaurants services in any part of India. With support of our hugely popular IPR law firm of India, which has been rather famous for brand name and logo registration for products and services kept under various classes of the nice classification for around a decade, registrations of the services of hotels and restaurants are rather easy, fast, and economical. Our law firm has also been very prominent for offering the service of the free trademark search to our Indian and global clients who avail our legal services for trademark registration under any desired class(es) in India.

For getting your service mark registered with any regional office of trademark registry in India, the following are the general processes or tasks involved:
  • Creating an original and entirely unique service mark
  • Verifying and ensuring its obvious distinctiveness through trademark search across India
  • Proper and flawless trademark application filing with the relevant zonal trademark registry office of India
  • Responding punctually to and satisfying the concerned trademark examiner or registrar
  • Dealing with the possible cases of trademark opposition
  • Offering expert trademark prosecution for perfect and fast registration
  • And, lastly getting the certificate of trademark/service mark registration.

Company Name Registration for Hotels and Restaurants

In addition to fast and cheap registrations of the service marks associated with various services extended by hotels and restaurants, our versatile law firm also provides the service for company name registration for hotels and restaurants for their establishment anywhere in entire India by Indian or foreign people or companies. So far, through our fast and flawless services for company registrations, we have helped numerous Indian and global people and companies, and established all diverse types of companies in places all across India.

For setting up hotels, restaurants, fast food centers, and other entities offering food and drink services, the relevant laws in India are the Shops and Establishments Act of the concerned State or the Companies Act of 2013, or the LLP Act of 2008. Our mellow and well-informed company lawyers deliver all necessary services during the whole procedure for company registration in any State of India. Besides the registrations of hotels and restaurants, and IPR related services, our firm also provides advisory and supporting services related with business growth and regulatory compliances.

To harness our highly-praised services for trademark or service mark registrations in entire India, interested Indian or foreign people or companies may call over: +91-8800-100-281; or dart their queries or mails at: