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Telecommunications Services Service Mark or Trademark

Covering a wide range of services, the telecommunications market of India is currently the second largest in the whole world, and is still potent enough to attain strong growth in near future with an annual growth rate of over 10%. Again, India gives home to the third largest number of internet users of the world at present. According to a Microsoft report, India is expected to have around 700 million internet users by 2025. The fast growth in the telecommunications sector of India will be boosted mainly by increasing penetration of telephony and internet in rural regions of the country, ever-growing number of smartphones and internet users, 4G services hitting the market, and generous and favorable policies of the Government of India. Moreover, the user-base of the broadband services in entire India is very hopefully expected to become 250 million connections by the year 2017. Hence, the prospects for doing a lucrative business in the telecommunications sector of India are certainly bright and prosperous.

This webpage contains information about the registration of the service marks associated with various telecommunications services in India and abroad. Our famous IPR law firm of Delhi has been hugely popular for past several years for offering expert and cheap registration service for every new telecommunications services service mark or trademark in entire, amid Indian and global people and companies.

Trademark (Brand) Name and Logo Registration for Telecommunications Services

Internationally renowned for brand name and logo registrations for products and services classified in nearly all 45 classes of the Nice classification, our expert and vibrant trademark lawyers inseparably deliver ace-quality service for the trademark (brand) name and logo registration for telecommunications services, to help Indian and foreign people/companies. In India and abroad, the following class of Nice classification is referred to for registration of any service mark associated with any of diverse telecommunications services (mentioned in the last section):

Class 38: Telecommunications Services

Here, it may be noted that the telemarketing services and the radio advertising services are not kept in this class 38 of the Nice classification; therefore, the service marks connected with these services are registered under the class 35. Noteworthy here also is the fact that the recipients of our services for trademark registrations are given the generous facility of the free trademark search through all trademark databases of India.

Summarily, the entire procedure for registration of a trademark or service-mark in Indi or abroad, includes the following main tasks/activities:
  • Ensuring indubitable uniqueness of the newly created mark through trademark search
  • Procedural trademark application filing with immediately concerned regional office of trademark registry
  • Satisfying the concerned trademark registrar/examiner regarding proper registrability of the proposed mark
  • Dealing with the probable trademark oppositions
  • And, offering brilliant trademark prosecution for perfect and promptest registration.

Company Name Registration for Telecommunication Services Company

Fast and reasonably-charged company name registration for telecommunications services company, is also supported by our well-resourced law firm of Delhi. Any desired type of company can be established for doing business in the telecommunications sector of India, which could be any of the following --- One Person Company (OPC), Partnership Firm, Private Limited Company, Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) company, Public Limited Company, Joint Venture (JV), a Wholly-owned Subsidiary of any foreign company, a Branch Office of a foreign company, etc. Depending on any particular type of company, the relevant law will be the Companies Act of 2013 or the LLP Act of 2008.

The selected company may offer anyone or more of the following broad categories of telecommunications services to Indian and foreign people and companies --- Telephone and Mobile Phone Services; Telecommunication Services; Broadcasting Services; Computer Communication and Internet Access; Access to Online Content, Websites, and Web Portals; Rental Services for Telecommunications Facilities and Equipments; and so on.

For availing our efficient and cheaply-charged legal services for company registrations as well as trademark/service-mark registrations in entire India, Indian and foreign people/entities may briskly call over: +91-8800-100-281; or send their questions or requests to: .