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Building Construction, Repairs and Non-Metallic Building Materials Goods/Products and Services Trademark and Service Mark Registration

The real estate and construction sector is one of the major and most significant economic sectors of India, both in respect of revenues and employment. Growing rapidly and steadily with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 11%, the real estate and construction sector of India contributes around 5% to the national GDP, and is expected to reach the level of US$ 650 billion by the year 2020, to become the third largest real estate market of the world by then. This vast and varied sector has many segments such as housing, hospitality, industrial, retail, commercial, services, etc. Thus, businesses and services in the fields of building materials and building construction & repairing services, are certainly very progressive and profitable in a fast progressing and vast country like India. This brief but very useful web-article deals exclusively with the building construction & repairs and building materials (non-metallic) goods/products and services trademark and service mark registration, to help India and global people and companies interested in this real estate and construction sector of India.

Today, well-based in Delhi, our well-resourced IPR law firm is one of the hugely popular and leading IPR law firms of India, especially for trademark registrations, company registrations, and expert services for all other items of the intellectual property. Ours brisk and cheap services for brand name and logo registration for all 45 classes of the Nice classification have been hugely popular in India.

Trademark (Brand) Name and Logo Registration for Building Construction & Repairs and Non-Metallic Building Materials

Discussed here are our efficient and excellent legal services for trademark application filing in every part of India, for registering the trademarks related with various non-metallic building materials, and the service marks associated with the building construction and repairing services. To serve the best, our reputed IPR law firm also offers the services of the free trademark search in connection with its services for trademark registrations in entire India.

The trademarks used in the businesses of various non-metallic building materials, and the service marks employed in the fields of the building construction and repairing services, are registered under the following classes of the Nice classification: -----

Trademark Class-19: Various Non-Metallic Building Materials
Service Mark Class 37: Building Construction and Repairs Services

Selection of the relevant zonal office of the trademark registry is made according to the location of the applicant, and concerned are the Trade Marks Act of 1999 and the Trade Marks Rules of 2002 for registration of the marks in entire India. All various non-metallic building materials such as non-metallic structures and scaffoldings, non-metallic doors and windows, stones and clay, wood items, etc., are comprehensively covered by our trademark registration services. On the other hand, all diverse services offered and performed in the field of the building construction and repairing such as services for construction of buildings, bridges, dams and roads; plumbing services; installation and maintenance of various machines and equipments; services for building maintenance, repair, and demolition; etc. are covered by our service-mark registration services. Again, for trademark (brand) name and logo registration for building construction & repairs and non-metallic building materials at international levels, concerned are anyone of more of the following ---- the TRIPS Agreement, Paris Convention, Madrid Protocol, and the European Union Trade Marks (EUTM).

Company Registration of Building Construction & Repairs and Building Materials (Non-Metallic) Companies

As our fast thriving law firm is well-resourced, it also offers expert, cheap, and efficient services for registration of all popular forms of a company, for doing business/professions/services in various economic sectors, anywhere in entire India. These companies could be any of the following ---- One Person Companies (OPCs), Private Limited Companies, Partnership Firms, Public Limited Companies, Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Companies, etc. Hence, interested people or companies may readily contact us for company registration of building construction & repairs and building materials (non-metallic) companies in any place of India. The two company-related laws associated with ours these services are either the Companies Act of 2013 or the LLP Act of 2008. All various tasks involved in the whole procedure of company registration, are performed adroitly by our veteran and vibrant company lawyers of high renown.

To receive our impeccable trademark registration services or company registration services anywhere in entire India, interested people or companies may just call over: +91-8800-100-281; or send their respective queries or problems to: