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Computer Hardware & Software Products/Goods /Services - Trademark

The information technology and computing industry of India, is one of the major economy players of the country, and one of the fastest growing industries in respect of both production and exports. Contributing over 9% to the national GDP, this vast and thriving industry of India is expected to reach the size of US$ 300 billion by the year 2020, from nearly US$ 145 billion during the financial year 2015-16. Today, IT-BPM sector of India accounts for 56% of the total global outsourcing market size, and products and services related with computer hardware and software are exported to around 95 countries worldwide. Thus, there is rather bright and vast scope for doing secure and lucrative business in the sector of products and services related with computer hardware and software in India.

This constructive web-article contains precious information regarding registrations of trademarks and service marks associated with various computer hardware & software products/goods/services in entire India and also in countries abroad. For nearly a decade, our highly prestigious IPR Law firm of India has been hugely popular for brand name and logo registrations in India and abroad, which related to the majority of the 45 classes of the Nice classification. Not only trademarks and service-marks, all other famous categories of the intellectual property are also handled and served adroitly by our erudite, well-seasoned, and innovative intellectual property lawyers of ours one of the most famous and leading IPR law firms of India. The gamut of our legal services for trademarks and service marks is all-encompassing and starts from the trademark application filing to trademark protection and renewal in India and abroad.

Trademark Registration for Computer Hardware & Software Products or Goods

Readily available are our efficient and expert legal services for trademark registration for computer hardware & software products or goods with any of the five trademark registry offices of India. These brisk and perfect registrations are made strictly as per the rules and provisions given in the Trade Marks Act of 1999 and the Trade Marks Rules of 2002, and all amendments made in these so far. Our up-to-date and vibrant trademark lawyers help the applicants during the entire registration process, which covers trademark creation, trademark search and verification of indubitable uniqueness of the proposed trademark, trademark application filing, dealing with trademark examiner/registrar, possible trademark opposition, and trademark prosecution for perfect and promptest registration in India or abroad.

In any part of India, or in any country abroad, the trademarks related with various products and goods associated with computer hardware and software are registered under the following class of the Nice classification

Class 9: Computers, their Peripherals, Software

To know about the various products and goods kept under this class 9, readers may refer to other relevant webpage of this globally famous legal website of India. Here, it must be noted that our punctilious and generous trademark lawyers offer the service of free trademark name and logo search in connection with their services for trademark registrations in India.

Service Mark Registration for Computer Hardware & Software

The concerned registration procedure and our services during the whole process, which are mentioned above, hold good also for the service mark registration for computer hardware & software services in India or abroad. However, registration of the service marks related with various services associated with the computer hardware & software, is made under the following class of the Nice classification in India and abroad:

Class 42: Design and development of computer hardware and software

To learn about the various services related with the computer hardware and software which are kept in this class 42 of the Nice (France) classification, please visit another pertinent webpage of this hugely popular legal website of India. The selection of the relevant zonal office of the trademark registry in India is made depending on the location of the company of the applicant.

Here, it may also be mentioned that, for international registrations of the trademarks and service marks related with the computer Hardware & software, are to be performed under one or more of the following legislations or treaties ---- the TRIPS Agreement, Paris Convention, European Union Trade Marks (EUTM), and the Madrid Protocol.

For registering new trademarks or service marks related with various computer hardware & software goods/products/services in entire India, just call over: +91-8800-100-281; or dart relevant queries or problems at: