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Vehicles Products and Goods - Trademark Services

The automotive sector of India is one of the hugest and most significant economic sectors, and is at present, the seventh largest automotive industry in the whole world. This automotive industry of India covers the manufacturing of diverse vehicles or automobiles moving on land, and various automobile components. Presently, the overall automotive industry of India contributes over 7% to the national GDP, which is expected to grow up to 12% by the year 2026 (from above 7% at present), making this industry the third largest in the world by then. By that time, the contribution of the auto component segment to the national GDP will become around 5-7%, from the present contribution of around 3% to the national GDP. Noteworthy here is the fact that the auto component industry of India grew with a CAGR of 14% during the period 2006-16, and the exports of these component from India reached to above US$ 10 billion from the level of just above US$ 3 in 2005-06. Again, here it may also be noted that India is at present, the largest manufacturer of tractors in the world, the second-largest manufacturer of two-wheelers, and the fifth-largest manufacturer of the passenger and commercial vehicles. Thus, on the whole, the automobile industry of India is really a very progressive and lucrative economic sector for secure investment by Indian and global investors.

On the other hand, the Aviation sector of India, which has been growing steadily with a growth rate of around 18%, is regarded as being one of the fastest growing aviation markets in the whole world, and is poised to emerge out as the third largest aviation market in the world by the year 2020. Again, the maritime transportation from and to India has also been well-developed, and at present around 90% of the country's trades by volume and about 70% by value, are made through this means of transportation.

This exclusive web-article deals with the vehicles products and goods - trademark services, to help prompt and cheap registrations of trademarks related with vehicles, auto components, and diverse vehicle apparatuses and equipments in entire India. For past many years, the trademark application filing services of our prestigious IPR law firm of Delhi have been rather famous and popular in India by Indian and global people and companies.

Trademark Registration for Vehicles Products and Goods

This section deals exclusively with the trademark registration for vehicles products and goods in entire India (and also in countries worldwide, if desired) to help Indian and foreign inventors of new trademarks pertaining to diverse vehicles (moving on land, in air, and in water), and various auto components and apparatuses related with these vehicles. The trademarks used in the businesses of these automobiles and vehicle components and products are exclusively registered under the following class of the Nice classification, for registrations of those in India and abroad:

Trademark Class-12: Vehicles

Erudite, well-seasoned, and mellowed trademark lawyers of ours one of the hugely popular and leading IPR law firms of India offer the full range of legal and advisory services during the trademark registration in entire India, and also in countries abroad, to support business expansions of Indian and foreign companies and firms. For past many years, our booming and innovative IPR law firm has become rather popular for brand name and logo registrations in India and abroad. At this juncture, our percipient readers must note that, our trademark lawyers provide the service of free trademark name and logo search, to ease task and pocket of our Indian and global clients in India. Our other legal and advisory services related with trademarks and service marks pertaining to all 45 classes of the Nice classification are the following ---- trademark infringement analysis, trademark prosecutions for diverse objectives, trademark watch and monitoring, trademark oppositions, trademark protection and renewal, and trademark infringement litigations.

Any of the five zonal offices of the trademark registry of India is relevant for registering the newly invented trademark of any Indian or foreign applicant under the class 12 of nice classification. These Indian registrations under the trademark class 12, are performed in strict compliance with the rules and provisions given in the Trade Marks Act of 1999 and the Trade Marks Rules of 2002, and all amendments made thereto so far. On the other hand, the international registrations of Indian and foreign clients are made under anyone or more of the following international treaties and legislations related with trademarks and service marks --- the TRIPS Agreement, Madrid Protocol, Paris Convention, and the European Union Trade Marks (EUTM).

To register any newly created trademark related with automobiles and automotive components and the class 12, in India or abroad, the concerned companies or firms may readily contact us over: +91-8800-100-281; or send their respective queries or problems to: