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Chemical Products & Goods Trademark Services

At present, India is the third largest producer of chemicals in Asia (and, the eighth biggest producer of these in the entire world), and the fourth largest producer of agro-chemicals in the whole world. The estimated market size of the Indian chemicals industry is around US$ 100 billion, and the total production of chemicals in India during the year 2014-15 was over 21 million tonnes. Again, the chemical sector of India is rather diversified to cover more than 70,000 commercial goods and products, the majority of which are exported. However, ever-progressing chemical industry of India accounts for just about 1.5% of the national GDP. In the financial year 2014-15, the total exports of organic, inorganic, and agro chemicals stood at US$ 8 billion; the major importers of these were United States, Saudi Arabia, UK, Bangladesh, and UAE. This sumptuous web-article contains very informative and useful information regarding the chemical products & goods trademark services, especially in entire India.

Thus, the Indian sector of chemical products and goods is rather progressive and lucrative for investments by Indian and foreign investors. For FDI into the chemical sector of India, permitted is the automatic route up to 100%. The businesses of various chemicals and chemical products and goods in India will be boosted and propelled by the following factors in future ---- ever-growing domestic market including vast agricultural and horticultural sectors of India; constant growth in exports of chemicals and chemical products & goods from India; low-cost manufacturing; availability of the top-notch engineering and R&D facilities; easy and cheap availability of engineering and science professionals in the country; emergence of the segment of specialty and knowledge chemicals; etc.

Trademark (Brand) Name and Logo Registration of Chemical Products & Goods

In addition to the expert, efficient, and cheaply-charged legal services for the trademark (brand) name and logo registration of chemical products & goods in India and abroad, the veteran and innovative lawyers of ours prestigious IPR law firm of India also offer the services for incorporation of companies for doing business in the fields of chemicals, and various chemical goods and products in India and abroad. The company registration services are described briefly in the lower section separately.

In India and also in countries abroad, the trademarks related with the domestic and international business of various chemicals, and chemical products and goods, are registered under the following class of the Nice classification:

Class 1: Chemicals used in industry, science and photography, as well as in agriculture, horticulture and forestry; Chemical substances for preserving foodstuffs

Based on the location of the applicant, chosen is any of the five zonal offices of trademark registry, for registering any newly created trademark related with any chemical product in India. These Indian trademark registrations or registrations of brand names or logos, related with various chemical products and goods are to be made as per the provisions and rules provided in the Trade Marks Act of 1999 and the Trade Marks Rules of 2002. Our highly prestigious, generous, and a leading IPR law firm of India offers the services for free trademark search, in connection with its expert and brisk services for registration of trademarks in India under all 45 classes of the Nice classification.

Here, it may also be noted that, besides the trademark application filing services, our well-informed and mellowed trademark lawyers deliver the full-range of legal services related with trademarks and service marks. At international level, the brand name and logo registrations are made under anyone or more of the following international treaties based on individual business priorities ---- TRIPS Agreement, European Union Trade Marks (EUTM), Madrid Protocol, and the Paris Convention.

Chemical Products & Goods Company Name Registration

Apart from the complete gamut of legal services for all major categories of intellectual property, our well-resourced IPR law firm of Delhi, also offer excellent and expeditious services for registration of all most popular forms of companies in entire India. Thus, we are also valuable to Indian and foreign people and companies for solving the purpose of incorporation of companies in India for doing business in the desired economic fields. Naturally, these services inseparably include the chemical products & goods company name registration, anywhere in entire India, by Indian and foreign people or companies.

For doing business in the Indian sector of chemicals, and any of the various chemical products and goods, any of the following types of companies can readily and cheaply be registered with ours support ---- One Person Company (OPC), Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) company, Private Limited Company, partnership company, or the Public Limited Company.

To avail our expert, efficient, and generous services for registration of trademarks related with chemical products & goods, or for incorporation of a company for doing business in the Indian chemical sector, interested people or companies may call over: +91-8800-100-281; or send their queries or problems to: