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Trademark Service for Food and Drink Services

The food and drink services are a pivotal and most significant part of all the services delivered by the hospitality sector of any country. The tourism and hospitality sector of India is one of the most significant and fast thriving sectors, which contributes around 7% to the national GDP every year. The tourism segment alone is regarded as being the third largest foreign exchange earner, which had earned over US$ 21 billion during the year 2015. Here, only the food and drink services of the Indian hospitality sector are described in brief, along with providing information about our brisk and expert trademark service for food and drink services, to help Indian and foreign people and companies in entire India.

As India is a vast country with the second-largest population of the world, the scope of growth and profitability in the segment of the food and drink services, is undoubtedly rather bright, especially when its tourism and hospitality sector is growing steadily with a rate of around 15% every year. Again, the diversity of food and drink services is wide-ranging and ever-expanding, to cover many new regional, national, and continental food and beverage items and cuisines. Apart from the massive Indian population, huge international tourism coming every year to India, will be needing services of entities engaged in providing foods and drinks of varied range.

How to Trademark (Brand) Name and Logo Registration for Food and Drink Service

As one of the most popular, reliable, and leading IPR law firms of India, our Delhi-based firm offers brisk, excellent, and cheaply-charged legal services for trademark registrations associated with various products and services in entire India and abroad. This section give very useful information regarding how to trademark (brand) name and logo registration for food and drink service in any part of India, and also in foreign countries worldwide. Here, it may also be just mentioned that our prestigious IPR law firm of India has been hugely famous for brand name and logo registrations related with nearly all classes of the Nice classification.

In India or abroad, the service mark registration of every service mark related with various food and drink services is made under the following class of the Nice classification

Class 43: Services for providing food and drink

Here, it should be noted that this class 43 also covers various other services provided by hotels and restaurants. Noteworthy also is the fact that our well-established and generous IPR law firm offer the free trademark search service in connection with the trademark application filing services under various 45 classes of the Nice classification.

For trademark registrations in entire India relevant are the five regional offices of the trademark registry, and the Trade Marks Act of 1999 together with the Trade Marks Rules of 2002. On the other hand, international conventions or treaties like TRIPS Agreement, Madrid Protocol, Paris Convention, and EUTM, are concerned for international registrations of trademarks and service marks.

Company Name Registration for Food Services Company

Along with IPR services, our well-established law firm also extends services for incorporation of all popular types of companies in entire India. Hence, we are a preferred destination also for company name registration for food services company, to be located anywhere in entire India. Broadly, the entities engaged in serving foods and drinks may fall under the broad categories of the following --- hotels, restaurants, caterers, food plazas, one person companies, partnership firms, private limited companies, LLP companies, joint ventures, the wholly-owned subsidiaries of foreign companies, and branches of foreign companies. Depending upon the type of company desired, the concerned law will be any of the following ---- the Shops and Establishments Act of the relevant State, the Companies Act of 2013, or the LLP Act of 2008.

Our well-informed and well-seasoned company lawyers perform all required tasks and activities for registration of the selected type of company, including the following tasks

  • Getting approval to any of the proposed names of the company
  • Making DSCs, DINs, DPINs, PAN Cards, etc.
  • Filing the application for company incorporation
  • Drafting all necessary documents such as MOA and AOA, Declarations, Affidavits, Consent Letters, etc.
  • And, filing all other required Forms for registration of the desired entity.

To avail our impeccable trademark registration services or company registration services in entire India, Indian or foreign people/companies may just call over: +91-8800-100-281; or dart their queries or requests at: .