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Trademark Services in Bangladesh

Officially called as the People's Republic of Bangladesh, Bangladesh is a rapidly progressing and a significant country in South Asia, famous worldwide for its exports related with textiles and garments, agricultural produces, footwear, ceramics, etc. Bangladesh is one of the Next Eleven emerging markets, and in South Asia, it is the third-largest economy after India and Pakistan. Containing around 175 million population at present, Bangladesh is the eighth most populous country in the whole world, with a thriving market-based mixed economy. Besides being a founder member of SAARC and BIMSTEC, Bangladesh has been a member of the OIC, G77, the Developing 8 Countries, the Commonwealth of Nations, NAM, WTO, etc. Hence, Bangladesh is undoubtedly a significant country very suitable for doing business in, and therefore, registering trademarks and service marks in beautiful country by foreign entrepreneurs and entities worldwide.

This concise web-article introduces our internationally admired trademark services in Bangladesh, to help people and entities located in and outside this booming Bangladesh, and engaged in various economic sectors. The well-informed, veteran, and highly innovative trademark lawyers of our prestigious IPR law firm of Delhi have been extending top-notch legal services for the national and international registrations of entities located in Bangladesh and other SAARC countries. Other countries may also avail our superb and swift legal services for trademarks (and also for other categories of intellectual property) for getting their trademarks and service marks registered in the targeted foreign countries worldwide.

Our impeccable and brisk trademark services in bangladesh cover the following significant legal services:

  • Domestic as well as International trademark registrations of people and entities belonging to Bangladesh.
  • International trademark registrations of people and entities located worldwide, in Bangladesh and other SAARC countries.
  • Trademark renewals in Bangladesh and other SAARC countries
  • Trademark opposition in Bangladesh and other SAARC countries
  • Trademark infringement litigations in Bangladesh and other SAARC countries
  • Trademark watch and monitoring in Bangladesh and other SAARC countries
  • Trademark prosecution for diverse objectives in SAARC countries

Trademark Registration in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, for domestic processing of trademark applications, renewals of registered trademarks, and trademark protection, the relevant are the Trade Marks Act of 2009 and the Trade Marks Rules of 1963. And, the main office concerned for these purposes is the Department of Patents, Designs and Trade Marks, working under the Ministry of Industries (MOI), Govt of Bangladesh. We offer the following services related with trademark registration in bangladesh, strictly as per the provisions given in its domestic trademarks law, to help people and entities located in this country, and also to all foreign entities seeking registrations of their trademarks in Bangladesh:

  • Guidance and advice regarding creation of a unique trademark or service mark
  • Assigning a class or classes to the newly-created trademark/service mark (as per Nice Classification)
  • Verification of the indisputable uniqueness of the newly-created trademark/service mark, through free trademark search in Bangladesh
  • Trademark application filing
  • Convincing the concerned trademark examiner/registrar regarding the proper registrability of the trademark or service mark
  • Dealing with possible trademark opposition
  • Providing expert prosecution for trademark registration
  • And, lastly getting the certificate of trademark registration on behalf of our client.

Again, for international trademark application filings on behalf of entities belonging to Bangladesh, and also for the international trademark registrations of foreign entities in Bangladesh, utilized is any of the following relevant international trademark treaty/convention --- the TRIPS Agreement of WTO or the Paris Convention. Bangladesh has access to WIPO also.

To learn more about trademark registration in Bangladesh and any other SAARC countries, or avail our internationally commended trademark services, entrepreneurs and entities in Bangladesh or countries worldwide, may just call over: +91-8800-100-281; or deposit their respective queries or problems at: .