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Trademark Services in Maldives

Well-based in Delhi, our internationally renowned IPR law firm of India offers quick and impeccable trademark services in Maldives to help its native companies, and also the international companies in their trademark registrations in this smallest country of Asia. Our IPR services preferably cover the SAARC countries, and international registrations under the international IPR legislations of the WTO, WIPO, Paris Convention, and the European Union.

Officially called as the 'Republic of Maldives', Maldives is a fast-progressing upper middle income economy located in South Asia in the Indian Ocean. This beautiful island country is internationally famous for its beaches, extensive reefs, and blue lagoons; and is the smallest country in entire Asian continent in respect of both the land area and population (around 0.4 million, at present). But, Maldives is quite prosperous in respect of per capita income and Human Development Index (HDI) in entire South Asia. Besides being a founder member of the SAARC, Maldives is also a member of the United Nations, NAM, and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. The major and fastest thriving sectors of its economy are the Tourism and Fishing industry.

Our trademark services in maldives serve both the entities located in Maldives and beyond. The following tasks and activities are adroitly performed by our sophisticated trademark lawyers in Maldives:

  • Domestic and International trademark registrations of business/service entities located in Maldives
  • Trademark registrations in Maldives of entities belonging to and located in countries other than Maldives.
  • Trademark renewals in Maldives and beyond
  • Trademark prosecution in Maldives for various objectives
  • Trademark infringement litigations in Maldives and beyond

Trademark Registration in Maldives

Till date, there is no specific and statutory law for governing and regulating registration and protection of trademarks and service marks in Maldives. However, Maldives is in progress to promulgate its trademarks law which will be in compliance with the provisions given in the TRIPS Agreement, Madrid Protocol, etc. Maldives has been a member of WTO and WIPO since the year 1995 and 2004, respectively. Presently, the domestic trademark registration in Maldives does not follow the rigmarole of application filing, trademark examination, and publication in the trademark journal or bulletin, but is merely based on the publication of the proposed trademark in a local English newspaper and also in a vernacular (Dhivehi) newspaper, as a Trademark Cautionary Notice.

In connection with the national trademark registration in maldives, our well-informed and dutiful trademark lawyers offer the following services to entities belonging to Maldives and other countries worldwide:

  • Creation of original and unique trademarks or service marks
  • Allotment of appropriate class to each trademark/service mark
  • Preparation and authentication of all requisite documents for trademark registration in Maldives
  • Publication of the Trademark Cautionary Notice
  • Tackling any possible opposition to trademark registration
  • Getting the certificate of trademark registration.

The international trademark registrations of entities located in Maldives, and those in Maldives of foreign entities may be made through filing under the TRIPS Agreement or Madrid Protocol of WIPO. After getting approval from the concerned international body related with trademarks, the national-level trademark prosecution will be necessary in the specified target country, where trademark registration is sought.

To learn more about trademark registration in Maldives or any other SAARC countries, or harness our efficient and well-informed legal services for this, people/entities located in Maldives or any country worldwide may readily contact us over: +91-8800-100-281; or send their relevant queries or request at: .