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Trademark Services in Sri Lanka

This webpage offers very informative and beneficial information about our trademark services in sri lanka, to benefit people and companies located in and outside this fast-paced island country of South Asia. Through support of these trademark services extended expertly and responsibly by our veteran trademark lawyers of international fame, global companies may register their respective trademarks in Sri Lanka; and entities located in Sri Lanka can get their trademarks registered in Sri Lanka and the targeted foreign countries worldwide. The following facts and factors make Sri Lanka highly suitable for getting a trademark registered in by foreign companies active in various economic sectors.

Officially called as the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka is a fast progressing island country of global importance, especially in respect of international trade and tourism. Besides being a founding member of SAARC, Sri Lanka has also been a member of United Nations, Non-Aligned Movement, the Commonwealth of Nations, and G77. Containing over 20 million population (as per census 2012), Sri Lanka has amply developed economic sectors of tourism, textiles and apparels, various agricultural products, food processing, telecommunications, banking and finance, etc.

Efficient and expert legal services of our internationally renowned IPR law firm of Delhi are also available for SAARC countries essentially including Sri Lanka. In Sri Lanka, our well-informed and mellow trademark lawyers offer the following services, to help entrepreneurs and entities belonging to Sri Lanka and other countries worldwide:
  • Domestic and International Trademark Registrations of Sri Lankan people and entities
  • International Trademark Registrations of global people and entities in Sri Lanka
  • Free Trademark Search in Sri Lanka
  • Trademark Oppositions in Sri Lanka to help Sri Lankan and Foreign people and entities
  • Trademark Renewals in Sri Lanka
  • Trademark Infringement Litigations in Sri Lanka
  • And, other legal services related with trademarks and service marks.

Trademark Registration in Sri Lanka

This section provides exclusive information over our services for trademark registration in sri lanka to help its native entities and foreign entities located worldwide. For these purposes, relevant will be the domestic trademark law of Sri Lanka, and anyone or more of the following international treaties/conventions ---- the TRIPS Agreement, Madrid Protocol, or Paris Convention.

The domestic/national trademark registration and protection in Sri Lanka are governed by its Intellectual Property Act No. 36 of 2003; and the office concerned is the National Intellectual Property Office of Sri Lanka (NIPO). Our trademark lawyers provide the following services to Sri Lankan and foreign entities in connection with the national level trademark registration in Sri Lanka:

  • Wise guidance for creation of a new trademark, service mark, or logo
  • Selection of appropriate classes (as per the Nice Classification)
  • Free trademark search for ensuring indubitable uniqueness of the trademark/service mark
  • Trademark application filing
  • Responding to and satisfying NIPO
  • Offering trademark prosecution for perfect and quick registration
  • Handling the possible case of a trademark opposition
  • And, lastly, acquiring the trademark registration certificate on behalf of our client.

To get their trademarks/service marks registered in Sri Lanka, foreign people and entities are required to file any international trademark treaty to which Sri Lanka is a member, and thereafter, processing for the domestic-level trademark registration in Sri Lanka will be made. Sri Lankan entities too will need help of any such international trademark convention for registering their trademarks in the targeted foreign countries. So far, Sri Lanka has been a signatory to the TRIPS Agreement of WTO, Paris Convention, Madrid Protocol of WIPO, etc.

To know more about trademark registration and protection in Sri Lanka, or harness our expert services for any of these purposes, people and entities located in and outside Sri Lanka may readily contact us over: +91-8800-100-281; or send their respective queries of problems to: .