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Trademark Services in Pakistan

This carefully drafted webpage offers information about our trademark services in Pakistan, to help entrepreneurs and entities belonging to Pakistan and other countries worldwide. Our IPR law firm is one of the hugely popular and leading IPR law firms of India, which also offers its excellent and efficient legal services to SAARC countries and other countries of the world over. The following paragraph elucidates the great importance of trademark registrations in Pakistan by people and entities belonging to Pakistan and foreign countries worldwide.

Officially known as the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, fast-developing Pakistan is one of the most significant countries of South Asia and the rest of the world. This sixth most populous country (with over 200 million population at present) of the world is quite striking globally in respect of the Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) and the Nominal GDP, and also its fast-paced economy. Again, Pakistan has been a member to many organizations of international or global importance such as the United Nations, SAARC, Organization of Islamic Cooperation, G20, G77, the Commonwealth of Nations, Non-Aligned Movement, etc. Pakistan has a well-developed and booming service sector, and thriving agricultural and manufacturing sectors.

Our well-informed and brisk trademark services in pakistan cover the following, to benefit people and entities belonging to Pakistan and other countries worldwide:

  • Domestic and international trademark registrations of people and companies belonging to Pakistan
  • International trademark registrations of foreign entities in Pakistan
  • Trademark watch and monitoring in Pakistan
  • Trademark Renewals
  • Trademark Oppositions in Pakistan
  • Trademark Prosecution for various objectives in Pakistan
  • Trademark Infringement Litigations in Pakistan

Trademark Registration in Pakistan

For trademark registration in Pakistan at the domestic/national level, concerned exclusively are the Trade Marks Ordinance No. XIX of 2001, and the Trade Marks Rules of 2004. And, the main office relevant for this purpose is the Intellectual Property Organization of Pakistan (IPO-Pakistan). For national-level trademark registration in pakistan on behalf of people/entities belonging to Pakistan and nations worldwide, our veteran and vibrant trademark lawyers deliver the following legal services:

  • Expert guidance for trademark creation
  • Class selection for the trademark/service mark (as per the Nice Classification)
  • Free trademark search for verification of uniqueness of the newly-created trademark or service mark
  • Trademark application filing
  • Satisfying the IPO-Pakistan
  • Tackling the likely case of trademark opposition
  • And, lastly, offering brilliant trademark prosecution for perfect and promptest registration.

For international trademark registrations of Pakistani entities or these of foreign entities in Pakistan, resorted to is any international treaty to which Pakistan is a signatory, such as the TRIPS Agreement of WTO, Paris Convention, or Madrid Protocol of WIPO. After making the relevant international trademark application filing, there will be required trademark proceeding and prosecution at the national level in Pakistan or the specified foreign country.

To get more information about trademark registration or protection in Pakistan, or avail our fast and flawless legal services for the same, entrepreneurs and entities belonging to Pakistan and other countries worldwide, may promptly call over: +91-8800-100-281; or send their relevant queries or problems at: .