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Trademark Services in Nepal

Introduced briefly on this webpage are our internationally admired trademark services in Nepal, to help people and entities belonging to Nepal and other countries worldwide. The need of registering trademarks and service marks in Nepal by foreign companies is justified in paragraph just below. Our IPR law firm is an internationally famous and popular law firm of India (well-based in Delhi), owing to its top-notch and efficient legal services for all major categories of intellectual property.

Officially known as the 'Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal', Nepal is a fast developing and progressing country in South Asia. A founder member of SAARC, this landlocked country contains around 30 million multiethnic people, at present. It has also been a member of the Bay of Bengal Initiative and the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), with harmonious and promising bilateral ties with countries like UK, India, China, other SAARC countries, and many other countries. Today, the economy of Nepal is quite growth-oriented with striking progress in its major economic sectors of agriculture, services, and industries. Specifically, its economic fields of agricultural goods and products, tourism, garments, carpets, hemp, leather goods, financial and other services, construction, etc. are rapidly prospering. Moreover, Nepal has immense potential for progress in the field of hydroelectric power in near future.

Our updated and expert trademark services in nepal cover the following main and significant tasks and processes, to help entities located in and outside Nepal

  • Domestic and International trademark registrations of companies and firms located in Nepal
  • Trademark registrations in Nepal of foreign entities located outside Nepal
  • Trademark renewals in Nepal
  • Trademark oppositions in Nepal
  • Trademark prosecutions for different objectives in Nepal
  • Trademark infringement litigations in Nepal
  • And, trademark watch and monitoring in Nepal

Trademark Registration in Nepal

For trademark registration in nepal at national level, the concerned law is the Patents, Designs and Trade Marks Act of 1965; while the relevant office for this purpose is the Department of Industries. At the national level in Nepal, our proficient and punctilious trademark lawyers deliver the following services, to support entrepreneurs and entities located in Nepal and international countries worldwide:

  • Guidance and suggestion for trademark creation
  • Assigning appropriate class to the newly created trademark or service mark (as per the latest edition of the Nice Classification)
  • Free trademark search in Nepal to verify clear uniqueness of the trademark
  • Trademark application filing
  • Meeting the requirements of the concerned trademark examiner/registrar
  • Pacifying trademark opposition, if any
  • Offering expert trademark prosecution for perfect and punctual registration
  • And, at last, acquiring the certificate of registration on behalf of our client.

Again, for international trademark registrations of Nepali entities, or trademark registrations in Nepal of foreign (located outside Nepal) entities, relevant is any of the following two international trademark legislations --- the TRIPS Agreement or the Paris Convention. After filing the relevant international trademark application, the applicant is required to make processing for trademark registration at the domestic level in the targeted country.

To know more about trademark registration in Nepal, or avail our swift and superb legal services for this, people/entities located in Nepal and other countries worldwide may promptly call over: +91-8800-100-281; or send their queries or problems at: .