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Trademark Registration India

Excellent and impeccable legal services for swift trademark registrations in India and foreign jurisdictions, are core part of our complete coverage of legal services for trademarks and service marks in all economic sectors. In this section, complete information about our services for trademark registration india is particularly presented. Our other legal services for trademarks in all across India and the whole world are explained in the below section. Our law firm is one of the full-fledged and reputed law firms located in India, and provide decent and responsible legal services in all major and vital areas of the law in all across India and countries worldwide. For a long successful period, our legal services have been being utilized by companies, industries, multinational business corporations, and professional firms active in various fields of the commercial, industrial, services, and professions in countries situated worldwide. Our legal services are provided at national and international levels, in order to support international and worldwide businesses of these entities, in addition to their national businesses in the concerned native country. For registration and regulation of trademarks and service marks related with various economic fields of India, there are well-established zonal trademark offices in all across the country, that act in complete compliance with the new Trade Marks Act of 1999 and the Trade Marks Rules of 2002. The overseas trademark registrations of Indian and all foreign companies and firms are accomplished under TRIPS Agreement, Berne Convention, Madrid Protocol, and the European Community Trademark.

Trademark Services India

Our full-range of legal services for trademarks and services marks encompasses brisk trademark registrations, vigilant trademark monitoring and watch, punctual trademark renewals, brilliant trademark oppositions, intelligent trademark prosecutions, and rigorous trademark infringement litigation. These trademark services are provided flawlessly and responsibly at national and international levels on behalf of companies and firms located in countries all around the world world, by ours globally famous law firm based in India. All other categories of intellectual property, and all other areas of the law, are served expertly in similar manner worldwide. Because of being well-established in India, our all trademark services india, are hugely popular and commonly preferred by entities located in every part of the country.

Based on the location of our client company, the relevant and recommended zonal trademark office is selected for registration processing. Here, it may be noted that theses provincial trademark offices are set up in Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai, and Ahmedabad, and the jurisdictional area of each of these covers several nearby States and Union Territories. During the national-level trademark registrations of India entities conducted are tasks by ours vibrant and discerning trademark lawyers are giving impeccable finished to the newly created trademark or service mark, nationwide or international trademark searches, trademark infringement analysis, filing of registration form in India or any targeted foreign country, and then, delivering robust trademark prosecution for the best and most secured registration.